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    • Synthetic Biology Open Language Visual (SBOL Visual) Version 2.0 

      Cox, Robert Sidney; Madsen, Curtis; McLaughlin, James; Nguyen, Tramy; Roehner, Nicholas; Bartley, Bryan; Bhatia, Swapnil; Bissell, Mike; Clancy, Kevin; Gorochowski, Thomas; Grünberg, Raik; Luna, Augustin; Le Novère, Nicolas; Pocock, Matthew; Sauro, Herbert; Sexton, John T.; Stan, Guy-Bart; Tabor, Jeffrey J.; Voigt, Christopher A.; Zundel, Zach; Myers, Chris; Beal, Jacob; Wipat, Anil (2018)
      People who are engineering biological organisms often find it useful to communicate in diagrams, both about the structure of the nucleic acid sequences that they are engineering and about the functional relationships between ...