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    • Autologously Generated Tissue-Engineered Bone Flaps for Reconstruction of Large Mandibular Defects in an Ovine Model 

      Tatara, Alexander M.; Kretlow, James D.; Spicer, Patrick P.; Lu, Steven; Lam, Johnny; Liu, Wei; Cao, Yilin; Liu, Guangpeng; Jackson, John D.; Yoo, James J.; Atala, Anthony; van den Beucken, Jeroen J.J.P.; Jansen, John A.; Kasper, F. Kurtis; Ho, Tang; Demian, Nagi; Miller, Michael John; Wong, Mark E.; Mikos, Antonios G. (2015)
      The reconstruction of large craniofacial defects remains a significant clinical challenge. The complex geometry of facial bone and the lack of suitable donor tissue often hinders successful repair. One strategy to address ...