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    • Amplification of USP13 drives ovarian cancer metabolism 

      Han, Cecil; Yang, Lifeng; Choi, Hyun Ho; Baddour, Joelle; Achreja, Abhinav; Liu, Yunhua; Li, Yujing; Li, Jiada; Wan, Guohui; Huang, Cheng; Ji, Guang; Zhang, Xinna; Nagrath, Deepak; Lu, Xiongbin (2016)
      Dysregulated energetic metabolism has been recently identified as a hallmark of cancer. Although mutations in metabolic enzymes hardwire metabolism to tumourigenesis, they are relatively infrequent in ovarian cancer. More ...
    • Metabolic shifts toward glutamine regulate tumor growth, invasion and bioenergetics in ovarian cancer 

      Yang, Lifeng; Moss, Tyler; Mangala, Lingegowda S.; Marini, Juan; Zhao, Hongyun; Wahlig, Stephen; Armaiz-Pena, Guillermo; Jiang, Dahai; Achreja, Abhinav; Win, Julia; Roopaimoole, Rajesha; Rodriguez-Aguayo, Cristian; Mercado-Uribe, Imelda; Lopez-Berestein, Gabriel; Liu, Jinsong; Tsukamoto, Takashi; Sood, Anil K.; Ram, Prahlad T.; Nagrath, Deepak (2014)
      Glutamine can play a critical role in cellular growth in multiple cancers. Glutamine‐addicted cancer cells are dependent on glutamine for viability, and their metabolism is reprogrammed for glutamine utilization through ...
    • Tumor microenvironment derived exosomes pleiotropically modulate cancer cell metabolism 

      Zhao, Hongyun; Yang, Lifeng; Baddour, Joelle; Achreja, Abhinav; Bernard, Vincent; Moss, Tyler; Marini, Juan C.; Tudawe, Thavisha; Seviour, Elena G.; San Lucas, F. Anthony; Alvarez, Hector; Gupta, Sonal; Maiti, Sourindra N.; Cooper, Laurence; Peehl, Donna; Ram, Prahlad T.; Maitra, Anirban; Nagrath, Deepak (2016)
      Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) are a major cellular component of tumor microenvironment in most solid cancers. Altered cellular metabolism is a hallmark of cancer, and much of the published literature has focused on ...