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    • High Performance Electrocatalytic Reaction of Hydrogen and Oxygen on Ruthenium Nanoclusters 

      Ye, Ruquan; Liu, Yuanyue; Peng, Zhiwei; Wang, Tuo; Jalilov, Almaz S.; Yakobson, Boris I.; Wei, Su-Huai; Tour, James M. (2017)
      The development of catalytic materials for the hydrogen oxidation, hydrogen evolution, oxygen reduction or oxygen evolution reactions with high reaction rates and low overpotentials are key goals for the development of ...
    • High-Performance Hydrogen Evolution from MoS2(1–x)P x Solid Solution 

      Ye, Ruquan; Vicente, Paz Del Angel; Liu, Yuanyue; Arellano-Jimenez, Josefina; Peng, Zhiwei; Wang, Tuo; Li, Yilun; Yakobson, Boris I.; Wei, Su-Huai; Yacaman, Miguel Jose; Tour, James M. (2016)
      A MoS2(1-x)Px solid solution (x = 0 to 1) is formed by thermally annealing mixtures of MoS2 and red phosphorus. The effective and stable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution in acidic solution holds promise for replacing ...
    • Physical and electrical characterization of TexasPEG: An electrically conductive neuronal scaffold 

      Sikkema, William K.A.; Metzger, Andrew B.; Wang, Tuo; Tour, James M. (2017)
      Background: Graphene and its derivatives have been shown to be biocompatible and electrically active materials upon which neurons readily grow. The fusogen poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) has been shown to improve outcomes ...