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    • Reader domain specificity and lysine demethylase-4 family function 

      Su, Zhangli; Wang, Fengbin; Lee, Jin-Hee; Stephens, Kimberly E.; Papazyan, Romeo; Voronina, Ekaterina; Krautkramer, Kimberly A.; Raman, Ana; Thorpe, Jeremy J.; Boersma, Melissa D.; Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav I.; Miller, Mitchell D.; Taverna, Sean D.; Phillips, George N. Jr.; Denu, John M. (2016)
      The KDM4 histone demethylases are conserved epigenetic regulators linked to development, spermatogenesis and tumorigenesis. However, how the KDM4 family targets specific chromatin regions is largely unknown. Here, an ...
    • Structural Basis for the Stereochemical Control of Amine Installation in Nucleotide Sugar Aminotransferases 

      Wang, Fengbin; Singh, Shanteri; Xu, Weijun; Helmich, Kate E.; Miller, Mitchell D.; Cao, Hongnan; Bingman, Craig A.; Thorson, Jon S.; Phillips, George N. Jr. (2015)
      Sugar aminotransferases (SATs) are an important class of tailoring enzymes that catalyze the 5'-pyridoxal phosphate (PLP)-dependent stereo- and regiospecific installation of an amino group from an amino acid donor (typically ...
    • Structural characterization of AtmS13, a putative sugar aminotransferase involved in indolocarbazole AT2433 aminopentose biosynthesis 

      Singh, Shanteri; Kim, Youngchang; Wang, Fengbin; Bigelow, Lance; Endres, Michael; Kharel, Madan K.; Babnigg, Gyorgy; Bingman, Craig A.; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Thorson, Jon S.; Phillips, George N. Jr. (2015)
      AT2433 from Actinomadura melliaura is an indolocarbazole antitumor antibiotic structurally distinguished by its unique aminodideoxypentose-containing disaccharide moiety. The corresponding sugar nucleotide-based biosynthetic ...