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    • Convenient analysis of protein modification by chemical blotting with fluorogenic “click” reagents 

      Ohata, Jun; Farrukh, Vohidov; Ball, Zachary T. (2015)
      Direct visualization of bioorthogonal alkyne or azide handles using fluorogenic azide–alkyne cycloaddition conducted on the surface of a blot membrane. The method eliminates the need for separation steps to remove excess ...
    • Luminogenic iridium azide complexes 

      Ohata, Jun; Vohidov, Farrukh; Aliyan, Amirhossein; Huang, Kewei; Martí, Angel A.; Ball, Zachary T. (2015)
      The synthesis and characterization of luminogenic, bioorthogonal iridium probes is described. These probes exhibit long photoluminescence lifetimes amenable to time-resolved applications. A simple, modular synthesis via ...
    • Potent and selective inhibition of SH3 domains with dirhodium metalloinhibitors 

      Vohidov, Farrukh; Knudsen, Sarah E.; Leonard, Paul G.; Ohata, Jun; Wheadon, Michael J.; Popp, Brian V.; Ladbury, John E.; Ball, Zachary T. (2015)
      Src-family kinases (SFKs) play important roles in human biology and are key drug targets as well. However, achieving selective inhibition of individual Src-family kinases is challenging due to the high similarity within ...