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    • Dynamic response of exchange bias in graphene nanoribbons 

      Jammalamadaka, S. Narayana; Rao, S.S.; Vanacken, J.; Moshchalkov, V.V.; Lu, Wei; Tour, J.M. (2012)
      The dynamics of magnetic hysteresis, including the training effect and the field sweep rate dependence of the exchange bias, is experimentally investigated in exchange-coupled potassium split graphenenanoribbons (GNRs). ...
    • Ferromagnetism in Graphene Nanoribbons: Split versus Oxidative Unzipped Ribbons 

      Rao, S.S.; Jammalamadaka, S. Narayana; Stesmans, A.; Moshchalkov, V.V.; van Tol, J.; Kosynkin, D.V.; Higginbotham, A.; Tour, J.M. (2012)
      Two types of graphene nanoribbons: (a) potassium-split graphene nanoribbons (GNRs), and (b) oxidative unzipped and chemically converted graphene nanoribbons (CCGNRs) were investigated for their magnetic properties using ...