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    • Interobserver agreement in dysplasia grading: toward an enhanced gold standard for clinical pathology trialsᅠ 

      Speight, Paul M.; Abram, Timothy J.; Floriano, Pierre N.; James, Robert; Vick, Julie; Thornhill, Martin H.; Murdoch, Craig; Freeman, Christine; Hegarty, Anne M.; D’Apice, Katy; Kerr, A. Ross; Phelan, Joan; Corby, Patricia; Khouly, Ismael; Vigneswaran, Nadarajah; Bouquot, Jerry; Demian, Nagi M.; Weinstock, Y. Etan; Redding, Spencer W.; Rowan, Stephanie; Yeh, Chih-Ko; McGuff, H. Stan; Miller, Frank R.; McDevitt, John T. (2015)
      Objective: Interobserver agreement in the context of oral epithelial dysplasia (OED) grading has been notoriously unreliable and can impose barriers for developing new molecular markers and diagnostic technologies. This ...