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    • Fluorinated h-BN as a magnetic semiconductor 

      Radhakrishnan, Sruthi; Das, Deya; Samanta, Atanu; de los Reyes, Carlos A.; Deng, Liangzi; Alemany, Lawrence B.; Weldeghiorghis, Thomas K.; Khabashesku, Valery N.; Kochat, Vidya; Jin, Zehua; Sudeep, Parambath M.; Martí, Angel A.; Chu, Ching-Wu; Roy, Ajit; Tiwary, Chandra Sekhar; Singh, Abhishek K.; Ajayan, Pulickel M. (2017)
      We report the fluorination of electrically insulating hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) and the subsequent modification of its electronic band structure to a wide bandgap semiconductor via introduction of defect levels. The ...