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    • Delivery of nanoparticles to brain metastases of breast cancer using a cellular Trojan horse 

      Choi, Mi-Ran; Bardhan, Rizia; Stanton-Maxey, Katie J.; Badve, Sunil; Nakshatri, Harikrishna; Stantz, Keith M.; Cao, Ning; Halas, Naomi J.; Clare, Susan E. (2012)
      As systemic cancer therapies improve and are able to control metastatic disease outside the central nervous system, the brain is increasingly the first site of relapse. The blood-brain barrier (BBB) represents a major ...
    • Targeting pancreatic cancer with magneto-fluorescent theranostic gold nanoshells 

      Chen, Wenxue; Ayala-Orozco, Ciceron; Biswal, Nrusingh C.; Perez-Torres, Carlos; Bartels, Marc; Bardhan, Rizia; Stinnet, Gary; Liu, Xian-De; Ji, Baoan; Deorukhkar, Amit; Brown, Lisa V.; Guha, Sushovan; Pautler, Robia G.; Krishnan, Sunil; Halas, Naomi J.; Joshi, Amit (2014)
      Aim: We report a magneto-fluorescent theranostic nanocomplex targeted to neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) for imaging and therapy of pancreatic cancer. Materials & methods: Gold nanoshells resonant at 810 ...