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    • Chiral templating of self-assembling nanostructures by circularly polarized light 

      Yeom, Jihyeon; Yeom, Bongjun; Chan, Henry; Smith, Kyle W.; Dominguez-Medina, Sergio; Bahng, Joong Hwan; Zhao, Gongpu; Chang, Wei-Shun; Chang, Sung Jin; Chuvilin, Andrey; Melnikau, Dzmitry; Rogach, Andrey L.; Zhang, Peijun; Link, Stephan; Král, Petr; Kotov, Nicholas A. (2015)
      The high optical and chemical activity of nanoparticles (NPs) signifies the possibility of converting the spin angular momenta of photons into structural changes in matter. Here, we demonstrate that illumination of dispersions ...