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    • Wafer-scale monodomain films of spontaneously aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes 

      He, Xiaowei; Gao, Weilu; Xie, Lijuan; Li, Bo; Zhang, Qi; Lei, Sidong; Robinson, John M.; Hároz, Erik H.; Doorn, Stephen K.; Wang, Weipeng; Vajtai, Robert; Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Adams, W. Wade; Hauge, Robert H.; Kono, Junichiro (2016)
      The one-dimensional character of electrons, phonons and excitons in individual single-walled carbon nanotubes leads to extremely anisotropic electronic, thermal and optical properties. However, despite significant efforts ...
    • Water-structuring molecules and nanomaterials enhance radiofrequency heating in biologically relevant solutions 

      Lara, Nadia C.; Haider, Asad A.; Ho, Jason C.; Wilson, Lon J.; Barron, Andrew R.; Curley, Steven A.; Corr, Stuart J. (2016)
      For potential applications in nano-mediated radiofrequency cancer hyperthermia, the nanomaterial under investigation must increase the heating of any aqueous solution in which it is suspended when exposed to radiofrequency ...