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    • Ground-based magnetometer determination of in situ Pc4–5 ULF electric field wave spectra as a function of solar wind speed 

      Rae, I. Jonathan; Mann, Ian R.; Murphy, Kyle R.; Ozeke, Louis G.; Milling, David K.; Chan, Anthony A.; Elkington, Scot R.; Honary, Farideh (2012)
      We present a statistical characterization of ground-based ultra-low-frequency ( 1–15 mHz) magnetic wave power spectral densities (PSDs) as a function of latitude (corresponding to dipole L-shells from L 2.5–8), local ...
    • ULF wave derived radiation belt radial diffusion coefficients 

      Ozeke, Louis G.; Mann, Ian R.; Murphy, Kyle R.; Rae, I. Jonathan; Milling, David K.; Elkington, Scot R.; Chan, Anthony A.; Singer, Howard J. (2012)
      Waves in the ultra-low-frequency (ULF) band have frequencies which can be drift resonant with electrons in the outer radiation belt, suggesting the potential for strong interactions and enhanced radial diffusion. Previous ...