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  • Learning the Structure of High-Dimensional Manifolds with Self-Organizing Maps for Accurate Information Extraction 

    Zhang, Lili (2011)
    This work aims to improve the capability of accurate information extraction from high-dimensional data, with a specific neural learning paradigm, the Self-Organizing Map (SOM). The SOM is an unsupervised learning algorithm ...
  • Lessons in Buffoonery and Bravado: Erik Van Lieshout 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007)
    Artist entry on Erik Van Lieshout for "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • A Lexicon of Suburban Neologisms 

    Hooper, Rachel; Yen, Jayme (2008-02-16)
    The suburbs have always been a fertile space for imagining both the best and the worst of modern social life. Portrayed alternately as a middle-class domestic utopia and a dystopic world of homogeneity and conformity--with ...
  • Making Waste Public 

    Gambetta, Curt (2009)
    This thesis questions the boundaries that define waste as a public or private dilemma, investigating these boundaries as productive sites for the imagination of social life. Learning from methods of processing, conveyance ...
  • Now Let the Storm Break Loose 

    Hooper, Rachel (2009-10-31)
    In her photography, videos and installations, Josephine Meckseper (born 1964) sets images of political activism-photographs of demonstrations, newspaper cuttings-against twinkling consumer goods and advertising motifs. ...
  • Parallel VLSI Architectures for Multi-Gbps MIMO Communication Systems 

    Sun, Yang (2011)
    In wireless communications, the use of multiple antennas at both the transmitter and the receiver is a key technology to enable high data rate transmission without additional bandwidth or transmit power. Multiple-input ...
  • Plato, Souls, and Motions 

    Prince, Brian D. (2011)
    Plato’s late works contain an unexpectedly consistent treatment of the physics and metaphysics of souls. In the course of showing this, I argue that: (1) the middle period dialogues Phaedo and Republic assume, but do not ...
  • Respect and Pride Restored: Zwelethu Mthethwa 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Zwelethu Mthetwa in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • Satire and A Cynical Smile: Josephine Meckseper 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Josephine Meckseper in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • Stories Told in the Shape of a Sphere 

    Hooper, Rachel (2010-08-28)
    Amy Patton's latest film Oil slips between a theater production of Upton Sinclair's novel of the same name and the making of the film itself. Bitter, Black Thoughts is the first book on Patton's films and features her notes ...
  • Subtle Shifts: Artur Zmijewski 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Artur Zmijewski in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • The Effects of Land Use and Human Activities on Carbon Cycling in Texas Rivers 

    Zeng, Fan-Wei (2011)
    I investigated how land use and human activities affect the sources and cycling of carbon (C) in subtropical rivers. Annually rivers receive a large amount of terrestrial C, process a portion of this C and return it to the ...
  • Visual Displays: Developing a Computational Model Explaining the Global Effect 

    Stanley, Clayton (2009)
    This work aims to integrate Byrne’s theory of visual salience computation (2006) with Salvucci’s model of eye movements (2001) by testing participants on a visual search task similar to Findlay (1997). By manipulating the ...