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  • Rescoping research through student-librarian collaboration: Lessons from the Fondren Fellows program 

    LaFlamme, Marcel; Kipphut-Smith, Shannon (2018)
    Academic library professionals increasingly see student workers as full coparticipants in the design and delivery of library resources and services. For some librarians, this perspective grows out of a commitment to critical ...
  • Conflict of Employee–Employer Interest: Introducing an Optimal Work Happiness Framework 

    Conlon, Paul M (2012)
    This qualitative study seeks to explore the pursuit and achievement of work happiness for employees. Conflicting interests between organizations (i.e., employers) and employees provide insights into the difficulties ...
  • A Lexicon of Suburban Neologisms 

    Hooper, Rachel; Yen, Jayme (2008-02-16)
    The suburbs have always been a fertile space for imagining both the best and the worst of modern social life. Portrayed alternately as a middle-class domestic utopia and a dystopic world of homogeneity and conformity--with ...
  • jsut that way 

    Hooper, Rachel (2012-09-26)
    Andy Coolquitt makes objects and environments that exist in symbiosis with human relationships. During the 1990s, his life and work revolved around an expansive studio/artist commune/performance space/living sculpture/party ...
  • Josephine Meckseper Interviewed by Rachel Hooper 

    Hooper, Rachel; Meckseper, Josephine (2011-03-16)
    Interview with Josephine Meckseper included in the catalogue for Sharjah Biennial 10 "Plot for a Biennial"
  • Stories Told in the Shape of a Sphere 

    Hooper, Rachel (2010-08-28)
    Amy Patton's latest film Oil slips between a theater production of Upton Sinclair's novel of the same name and the making of the film itself. Bitter, Black Thoughts is the first book on Patton's films and features her notes ...
  • Now Let the Storm Break Loose 

    Hooper, Rachel (2009-10-31)
    In her photography, videos and installations, Josephine Meckseper (born 1964) sets images of political activism-photographs of demonstrations, newspaper cuttings-against twinkling consumer goods and advertising motifs. ...
  • Induction and Intuition, on the Center for Land Use Interpretation's Metholology 

    Hooper, Rachel (2009-01-01)
    Since 1994, The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI)--a research organization based in Culver City, California--has studied the U.S. landscape, using multidisciplinary research, information processing and interpretive ...
  • Subtle Shifts: Artur Zmijewski 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Artur Zmijewski in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • The Dizzident: Lia Perjovschi 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Lia Perjovschi in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • Respect and Pride Restored: Zwelethu Mthethwa 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Zwelethu Mthetwa in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • Satire and A Cynical Smile: Josephine Meckseper 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Josephine Meckseper in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • Imprints of Conflict: Yael Bartana 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Yael Bartana for "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • Complicated Desires: Yto Barrada 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Yto Barrada in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • Lessons in Buffoonery and Bravado: Erik Van Lieshout 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007)
    Artist entry on Erik Van Lieshout for "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • Amplified Encounters at High Speed 

    Sibley, Rebecca (2011)
    This thesis expands upon the dialogue between speed and architecture, investigating how architecture reinterprets the linear city, originally defined by the continuous fabric of the freeway and more recently reconfigured ...
  • Plato, Souls, and Motions 

    Prince, Brian D. (2011)
    Plato’s late works contain an unexpectedly consistent treatment of the physics and metaphysics of souls. In the course of showing this, I argue that: (1) the middle period dialogues Phaedo and Republic assume, but do not ...
  • The Effects of Land Use and Human Activities on Carbon Cycling in Texas Rivers 

    Zeng, Fan-Wei (2011)
    I investigated how land use and human activities affect the sources and cycling of carbon (C) in subtropical rivers. Annually rivers receive a large amount of terrestrial C, process a portion of this C and return it to the ...
  • A Framework for Testing Concurrent Programs 

    Ricken, Mathias (2011)
    This study proposes a new framework that can effectively apply unit testing to concurrent programs, which are difficult to develop and debug. Test-driven development, a practice enabling developers to detect bugs early by ...

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