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Four Way Street? Saudi Arabia's Behavior Among the Superpowers, 1996-1999305
Disgust Sensitivity and the Neurophysiology of Left- Right Political Orientations303
Threat and imposition of economic sanctions 1945-2005: Updating the TIES dataset297
Is Chinese Foreign Policy Targeting Sub-Saharan Africa?290
Determinants of Sanctions Effectiveness: Sensitivity Analysis Using New Data275
Tradeoffs in Trade Data: Do Our Assumptions Affect Our Results?236
Gender Difference or Parallel Publics? The Dynamics of Defense Spending Opinions in the United States, 1965–2007226
Civil Engineering : Does a Realist World Influence the Onset of Civil Wars?184
The Arms Acquisition Process : The Effect of Internal and External Constraints on Arms Race Dynamics178
International Organizations as Policy Advisors176

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