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  • Cortisol and politics: Variance in voting behavior is predicted by baseline cortisol levels 

    French, Jeffrey A.; Smith, Kevin B.; Alford, John R.; Guck, Adam; Birnie, Andrew K.; Hibbing, John R. (2014)
    Participation in electoral politics is affected by a host of social and demographics variables, but there is growing evidence that biological predispositions may also play a role in behavior related to political involvement. ...
  • Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics, and Policy 

    Stein, Robert M. (2015)
    What steps can and do local election officials take to prepare for and respond to natural disasters and emergencies that impede and disrupt the operation of scheduled elections? How efficacious are these actions and ...
  • Nonpolitical Images Evoke Neural Predictors of Political Ideology 

    Ahn, Woo-Young; Kishida, Kenneth T.; Gu, Xiaosi; Lohrenz, Terry; Harvey, Ann; Alford, John R.; Smith, Kevin B.; Yaffe, Gideon; Hibbing, John R.; Dayan, Peter; Montague, P. Read (2014)
    Political ideologies summarize dimensions of life that define how a person organizes their public and privateᅠbehavior, including their attitudes associated with sex, family, education, and personal autonomy [1ᅠandᅠ2]. ...
  • Differences in negativity bias underlie variations in political ideology 

    Hibbing, John R.; Smith, Kevin B.; Alford, John R. (2014)
    Disputes between those holding differing political views are ubiquitous and deep-seated, and they often follow common, recognizable lines. The supporters of tradition and stability, sometimes referred to as conservatives, ...
  • Threat and imposition of economic sanctions 1945-2005: Updating the TIES dataset 

    Morgan, T. Clifton; Bapat, Navin; Kobayashi, Yoshiharu (2014)
    Recent research on economic sanctions has produced significant advances in our theoretical and empirical understanding of the causes and effects of these phenomena. Our theoretical understanding, which has been guided by ...