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    • An Anatomy of U.S. Personal Bankruptcy under Chapter 13 

      Eraslan, Hülya; Koşar, Gizem; Li, Wenli; Sarte, Pierre-Daniel (2017)
      We build a structural model that captures salient features of personal bankruptcy under Chapter 13. We estimate our model using a novel data set that we construct from bankruptcies filed in Delaware between 2001 and 2002. ...
    • Dynamic Agenda Setting 

      Chen, Ying; Eraslan, Hülya (2017)
      A party in power can address a limited number of issues. What issues to address--the party's agenda--has dynamic implications because it affects what issues will be addressed in the future. We analyze a model in which the ...
    • Some unpleasant bargaining arithmetic? 

      Eraslan, Hülya; Merlo, Antonio (2017)
      It is commonly believed that voting rules that are relatively more inclusive (e.g., unanimity or supermajority), are likely to yield relatively more equitable outcomes than simple-majority rule. We show that this is not ...