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    • Discrete Kinetic Models from Funneled Energy Landscape Simulations 

      Schafer, Nicholas P.; Hoffman, Ryan M.B.; Burger, Anat; Craig, Patricio O.; Komives, Elizabeth A. (2012)
      A general method for facilitating the interpretation of computer simulations of protein folding with minimally frustrated energy landscapes is detailed and applied to a designed ankyrin repeat protein (4ANK). In the method, ...
    • Funneling and frustration in the energy landscapes of some designed and simplified proteins 

      Truong, Ha H.; Kim, Bobby L.; Schafer, Nicholas P.; Wolynes, Peter G. (2013)
      We explore the similarities and differences between the energy landscapes of proteins that have been selected by nature and those of some proteins designed by humans. Natural proteins have evolved to function as well as ...