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    • Coupling the modules of EMT and stemness: A tunable ‘stemness window’ model 

      Jolly, Mohit Kumar; Jia, Dongya; Boareto, Marcelo; Mani, Sendurai A.; Pienta, Kenneth J.; Ben-Jacob, Eshel; Levine, Herbert (2015)
      Metastasis of carcinoma involves migration of tumor cells to distant organs and initiate secondary tumors. Migration requires a complete or partial Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT), and tumor-initiation requires ...
    • OVOL guides the epithelial-hybrid-mesenchymal transition 

      Jia, Dongya; Jolly, Mohit Kumar; Boareto, Marcelo; Parsana, Princy; Mooney, Steven M.; Pienta, Kenneth J.; Levine, Herbert; Ben-Jacob, Eshel (2015)
      Metastasis involves multiple cycles of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) and its reverse-MET. Cells can also undergo partial transitions to attain a hybrid epithelial/mesenchymal (E/M) phenotype that has maximum ...