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    • Defining and resolving current systems in geospace 

      Ganushkina, N.Y.; Liemohn, M.W.; Dubyagin, S.; Daglis, I.A.; Dandouras, I.; De Zeeuw, D.L.; Ebihara, Y.; Ilie, R.; Katus, R.; Kubyshkina, M.; Milan, S.E.; Ohtani, S.; Ostgaard, N.; Reistad, J.P.; Tenfjord, P.; Toffoletto, F.; Zaharia, S.; Amariutei, O. (2015)
      Electric currents flowing through near-Earth space (R≤12RE) can support a highly distorted magnetic field topology, changing particle drift paths and therefore having a nonlinear feedback on the currents themselves. A ...