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    • Mechanical Activation of a Multimeric Adhesive Protein Through Domain Conformational Change 

      Wijeratne, Sithara S.; Botello, Eric; Yeh, Hui-Chun; Zhou, Zhou; Bergeron, Angela L.; Frey, Eric W.; Patel, Jay M.; Nolasco, Leticia; Turner, Nancy A.; Moake, Joel L.; Dong, Jing-fei; Kiang, Ching-Hwa (2013)
      The mechanical force-induced activation of the adhesive protein von Willebrand factor (VWF), which experiences high hydrodynamic forces, is essential in initiating platelet adhesion. The importance of the mechanical ...
    • Single-molecule force measurements of the polymerizing dimeric subunit of von Willebrand factor 

      Wijeratne, Sithara S.; Li, Jingqiang; Yeh, Hui-Chun; Nolasco, Leticia; Zhou, Zhou; Bergeron, Angela; Frey, Eric W.; Moake, Joel L.; Dong, Jing-fei; Kiang, Ching-Hwa (2016)
      Von Willebrand factor (VWF) multimers are large adhesive proteins that are essential to the initiation of hemostatic plugs at sites of vascular injury. The binding of VWF multimers to platelets, as well as VWF proteolysis, ...