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    • Seeing Through the Ring: Near-Infrared Photometry of V582 Mon (KH 15D) 

      Arulanantham, Nicole A.; Herbst, William; Cody, Ann Marie; Stauffer, John R.; Rebull, Luisa M.; Agol, Eric; Windemuth, Diana; Marengo, Massimo; Winn, Joshua N.; Hamilton, Catrina M.; Mundt, Reinhard; Johns-Krull, Christopher M.; Gutermuth, Robert A. (2016)
      We examine the light and color evolution of the T Tauri binary KH 15D through photometry obtained at wavelengths between 0.55 and 8.0 μm. The data were collected with A Novel Dual Imaging CAMera (ANDICAM) on the 1.3 m ...