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    • “Trunk-like” heavy ion structures observed by the Van Allen Probes 

      Zhang, J.-C.; Kistler, L.M.; Spence, H.E.; Wolf, R.A.; Reeves, G.; Skoug, R.; Funsten, H.; Larsen, B.A.; Niehof, J.T.; MacDonald, E.A.; Friedel, R.; Ferradas, C.P.; Luo, H. (2015)
      Dynamic ion spectral features in the inner magnetosphere are the observational signatures of ion acceleration, transport, and loss in the global magnetosphere. We report “trunk-like” ion structures observed by the Van Allen ...
    • Tumor Budding: The Name is EMT. Partial EMT. 

      Grigore, Alexandru Dan; Jolly, Mohit Kumar; Jia, Dongya; Farach-Carson, Mary C.; Levine, Herbert (2016)
      Tumor budding is a histological phenomenon encountered in various cancers, whereby individual malignant cells and/or small clusters of malignant cells are seen in the tumor stroma. Postulated to be mirror epithelial-mesenchymal ...
    • Tunable optical tweezers for wavelength-dependent measurements 

      Hester, Brooke; Campbell, Gretchen K.; Lopez-Mariscal, Carlos; Filgueira, Carly Levin; Huschka, Ryan; Halas, Naomi J.; Helmerson, Kristian (2012)
      Optical trapping forces depend on the difference between the trap wavelength and the extinction resonances of trapped particles. This leads to a wavelength-dependent trapping force, which should allow for the optimization ...
    • Tuning the acoustic frequency of a gold nanodisk through its adhesion layer 

      Chang, Wei-Shun; Wen, Fangfang; Chakraborty, Debadi; Su, Man-Nung; Zhang, Yue; Shuang, Bo; Nordlander, Peter; Sader, John E.; Halas, Naomi J.; Link, Stephan (2015)
      To fabricate robust metallic nanostructures with top-down patterning methods such as electron-beam lithography, an initial nanometer-scale layer of a second metal is deposited to promote adhesion of the metal of interest. ...
    • Tuning the Magnetic Quantum Criticality of Artificial Kondo Superlattices CeRhIn5/YbRhIn5 

      Ishii, T.; Toda, R.; Hanaoka, Y.; Tokiwa, Y.; Shimozawa, M.; Kasahara, Y.; Endo, R.; Terashima, T.; Nevidomskyy, A.H.; Shibauchi, T.; Matsuda, Y. (2016)
      The effects of reduced dimensions and the interfaces on antiferromagnetic quantum criticality are studied in epitaxial Kondo superlattices, with alternating n layers of heavy-fermion antiferromagnet CeRhIn5 and seven layers ...
    • Two spatially separated phases in semiconducting Rb0.8Fe1.5S2 

      Wang, Meng; Tian, Wei; Valdivia, P.; Chi, Songxue; Bourret-Courchesne, E.; Dai, Pengcheng; Birgeneau, R. J. (2014)
      We report neutron scattering and transport measurements on semiconducting Rb0.8Fe1.5S2, a compound isostructural and isoelectronic to the well-studied A0.8FeySe2(A=K,Rb,Cs,Tl/K) superconducting systems. Both resistivity ...
    • Two-component Bose-Hubbard model in an array of cavity polaritons 

      Zhang, Yong-Chang; Zhou, Xiang-Fa; Zhou, Xingxiang; Guo, Guang-Can; Pu, Han; Zhou, Zheng-Wei (2015)
      We propose a scheme which can realize an extended two-component Bose-Hubbard model using polaritons confined in an array of optical cavities. In addition to the density-dependent interactions, this model also contains ...
    • Two-component polariton condensate in an optical microcavity 

      Zhang, Yong-Chang; Zhou, Xiang-Fa; Guo, Guang-Can; Zhou, Xingxiang; Pu, Han; Zhou, Zheng-Wei (2014)
      We present a scheme for engineering the extended two-component Bose-Hubbard model using polariton condensate supported by an optical microcavity. Compared to the usual two-component Bose-Hubbard model with only Kerr ...
    • Two-photon photoassociative spectroscopy of ultracold 88Sr 

      Martinez de Escobar, Y.N.; Mickelson, P.G.; Pellegrini, P.; Nagel, S.B.; Traverso, A.; Yan, M.; Cote, R.; Killian, T.C. (2008-12-10)
    • Type-I superconductivity in ScGa3 and LuGa3 single crystals 

      Svanidze, E.; Morosan, E. (2012)
      We present evidence of type-I superconductivity in single crystals of ScGa3 and LuGa3, from magnetization, specific heat, and resistivity measurements: low critical temperatures Tc = 2.1–2.2 K; field-induced secondto first-order ...
    • Type-I superconductivity in YbSb2 single crystals 

      Zhao, Liang L.; Lausberg, Stefan; Kim, H.; Tanatar, M.A.; Brando, Manuel; Prozorov, R.; Morosan, E. (2012)
      We present evidence of type-I superconductivity in YbSb2 single crystals from dc and ac magnetization, heat capacity, and resistivity measurements. The critical temperature and critical field are determined to be Tc ≈ 1.3 ...
    • ULF wave derived radiation belt radial diffusion coefficients 

      Ozeke, Louis G.; Mann, Ian R.; Murphy, Kyle R.; Rae, I. Jonathan; Milling, David K.; Elkington, Scot R.; Chan, Anthony A.; Singer, Howard J. (2012)
      Waves in the ultra-low-frequency (ULF) band have frequencies which can be drift resonant with electrons in the outer radiation belt, suggesting the potential for strong interactions and enhanced radial diffusion. Previous ...
    • Ultra-long-range Rydberg molecules in a divalent atomic system 

      DeSalvo, B.J.; Aman, J.A.; Dunning, F.B.; Killian, T.C.; Sadeghpour, H.R.; Yoshida, S.; Burgdörfer, J. (2015)
      We report the creation of ultra-long-range Sr2 molecules comprising one ground-state 5s2 1S0 atom and one atom in a 5sns 3S1 Rydberg state for n ranging from 29 to 36. Molecules are created in a trapped ultracold atomic ...
    • Ultracold neutral plasmas: recent experiments and new prospects 

      Killian, T.C.; Ashoka, V.S.; Gupta, P.; Laha, S.; Nagel, S.B.; Simien, C.E.; Kulin, S.; Rolston, S.L.; Bergeson, S.D. (2003-05-22)
    • Ultracold Nonreactive Molecules in an Optical Lattice: Connecting Chemistry to Many-Body Physics 

      Doçaj, Andris; Wall, Michael L.; Mukherjee, Rick; Hazzard, Kaden R.A. (2016)
      We derive effective lattice models for ultracold bosonic or fermionic nonreactive molecules (NRMs) in an optical lattice, analogous to the Hubbard model that describes ultracold atoms in a lattice. In stark contrast to the ...
    • Understanding the physics of DNA using nanoscale single-molecule manipulation 

      Frey, Eric W.; Gooding, Ashton A.; Wijeratne, Sitara; Kiang, Ching-Hwa (2012)
      Processes for decoding the genetic information in cells, including transcription, replication, recombination and repair, involve the deformation of DNA from its equilibrium structures such as bending, stretching, twisting, ...
    • The Unique Cysteine Knot Regulates the Pleotropic Hormone Leptin 

      Haglund, Ellinor; Sulkowska, Joanna I.; He, Zhao; Feng, Gen-Sheng; Jennings, Patricia A.; Onuchic, José N. (2012)
      Leptin plays a key role in regulating energy intake/expenditure, metabolism and hypertension. It folds into a four-helix bundle that binds to the extracellular receptor to initiate signaling. Our work on leptin revealed ...
    • Universal Impurity-Induced Bound State in Topological Superfluids 

      Hu, Hui; Jiang, Lei; Pu, Han; Chen, Yan; Liu, Xia-Ji (2013)
      We predict a universal midgap bound state in topological superfluids, induced by either nonmagnetic or magnetic impurities in the strong scattering limit. This universal state is similar to the lowest-energy Caroli–de ...
    • Universality in Three- and Four-Body Bound States of Ultracold Atoms 

      Pollack, Scott E.; Dries, Daniel; Hulet, Randall G. (2009)
      Under certain circumstances, three or more interacting particles may form bound states. While the general few-body problem is not analytically solvable, the so-called Efimov trimers appear for a system of three particles ...
    • Using Absorption Imaging to Study Ion Dynamics in an Ultracold Neutral Plasma 

      Simien, C.E.; Chen, Y.C.; Gupta, P.; Laha, S.; Martinez, Y.N.; Mickelson, P.G.; Nagel, S.B.; Killian, T.C. (2004-04-06)