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  • Why hydrocarbon-cross-linked peptides are membrane permeable 

    Sun, Tzu-Lin; Lee, Chang-Chun; Sun, Yen; Huang, Huey W. (2012)
  • X-ray laser implementation by means of a strong source of high-spin metastable atoms 

    Helman, J.S.; Rau, C.; Bunge, C.F. (1983)
    High-spin metastable atomic beams of high density and extremely small divergence can be produced by electron capture during grazing-angle scattering of ion beams at ferromagnetic surfaces. This can be used to generate a ...
  • β-YbAlB4: A Critical Nodal Metal 

    Ramires, Aline; Coleman, Piers; Nevidomskyy, Andriy H.; Tsvelik, A. M. (2012-10)
    We propose a model for the intrinsic quantum criticality of β-YbAlB4, in which a vortex in momentum space gives rise to a new type of Fermi surface singularity. The unquenched angular momentum of the |J=7/2,mJ=±5/2⟩ Yb 4f ...
  • ΛΛ Correlation Function in Au+Au Collisions at √sNN=200  GeV 

    STAR Collaboration; Butterworth, J.; Eppley, G.; Geurts, F.; Llope, W.J.; Roberts, J.B.; Xin, K.; Yepes, P. (2015)
    We present ΛΛ correlation measurements in heavy-ion collisions for Au+Au collisions at √sNN=200  GeV using the STAR experiment at the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider. The Lednický-Lyuboshitz analytical model has been used ...
  • ρ0 photoproduction in AuAu collisions at √sNN=62.4 GeV measured with the STAR detector 

    STAR Collaboration; Eppley, G.; Geurts, F.; Liu, J.; Llope, W.J.; McDonald, D.; Roberts, J.B.; Yepes, P. (2012)
    Vector mesons may be photoproduced in relativistic heavy-ion collisions when a virtual photon emitted by one nucleus scatters from the other nucleus, emerging as a vector meson. The STAR Collaboration has previously presented ...