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  • Validating the Rice neural network and the Wing Kp real-time models 

    Bala, Ramkumar; Reiff, Patricia (2014)
    The Rice neural network models of Kp have been running in real time at since October 2007; Dst and AE models were added to our operations in May 2010. All these models use the ...
  • Velocity Relaxation in a Strongly Coupled Plasma 

    Bannasch, G.; Castro, J.; McQuillen, P.; Pohl, T.; Killian, T.C. (2012-11-02)
    Collisional relaxation of Coulomb systems is studied in the strongly coupled regime. We use an optical pump-probe approach to manipulate and monitor the dynamics of ions in an ultracold neutral plasma, which allows direct ...
  • Voltage tuning of vibrational mode energies in single-molecule junctions 

    Li, Yajing; Doak, Peter; Kronik, Leeor; Neaton, Jeffrey B.; Natelson, Douglas (2014)
    Vibrational modes of molecules are fundamental properties determined by intramolecular bonding, atomic masses, and molecular geometry, and often serve as important channels for dissipation in nanoscale processes. Although ...
  • Why hydrocarbon-cross-linked peptides are membrane permeable 

    Sun, Tzu-Lin; Lee, Chang-Chun; Sun, Yen; Huang, Huey W. (2012)
  • X-ray laser implementation by means of a strong source of high-spin metastable atoms 

    Helman, J.S.; Rau, C.; Bunge, C.F. (1983)
    High-spin metastable atomic beams of high density and extremely small divergence can be produced by electron capture during grazing-angle scattering of ion beams at ferromagnetic surfaces. This can be used to generate a ...
  • β-YbAlB4: A Critical Nodal Metal 

    Ramires, Aline; Coleman, Piers; Nevidomskyy, Andriy H.; Tsvelik, A. M. (2012-10)
    We propose a model for the intrinsic quantum criticality of β-YbAlB4, in which a vortex in momentum space gives rise to a new type of Fermi surface singularity. The unquenched angular momentum of the |J=7/2,mJ=±5/2⟩ Yb 4f ...
  • ΛΛ Correlation Function in Au+Au Collisions at √sNN=200  GeV 

    STAR Collaboration; Butterworth, J.; Eppley, G.; Geurts, F.; Llope, W.J.; Roberts, J.B.; Xin, K.; Yepes, P. (2015)
    We present ΛΛ correlation measurements in heavy-ion collisions for Au+Au collisions at √sNN=200  GeV using the STAR experiment at the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider. The Lednický-Lyuboshitz analytical model has been used ...
  • ρ0 photoproduction in AuAu collisions at √sNN=62.4 GeV measured with the STAR detector 

    STAR Collaboration; Eppley, G.; Geurts, F.; Liu, J.; Llope, W.J.; McDonald, D.; Roberts, J.B.; Yepes, P. (2012)
    Vector mesons may be photoproduced in relativistic heavy-ion collisions when a virtual photon emitted by one nucleus scatters from the other nucleus, emerging as a vector meson. The STAR Collaboration has previously presented ...