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Blind Test of Methods for Obtaining 2-D Near-Surface Seismic Velocity Models from First-Arrival Traveltimes799
Pacific plate deformation from horizontal thermal contraction361
Estimating sedimentary and crustal structure using wavefield continuation: theory, techniques and applications239
Midinfrared third-harmonic generation from macroscopically aligned ultralong single-wall carbon nanotubes237
Avoiding unintentional eviction from integral projection models224
Relating vesicle shapes in pyroclasts to eruption styles211
Reactive Infiltration of MORB-Eclogite-Derived Carbonated Silicate Melt into Fertile Peridotite at 3GPa and Genesis of Alkalic Magmas208
Simultaneous partitioning of silicon and oxygen into the Earth’s core during early Earth differentiation195
Lithosphere versus asthenosphere mantle sources at the Big Pine Volcanic Field, California193
An explicit time evolution method for acoustic wave propagation192

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