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    • Lg attenuation in northeast China using NECESSArray data 

      Ranasinghe, Nishath R.; Gallegos, Andrea C.; Trujillo, Andrea R.; Blanchette, Alexander R.; Sandvol, Eric A.; Ni, James; Hearn, Thomas M.; Tang, Youcai; Grand, Stephen P.; Niu, Fenglin; Chen, Yongshun J.; Ning, Jieyuan; Kawakatsu, Hitoshi; Tanaka, Satoru; Obayashi, Masayuki (2015)
      The 127 station NorthEast China Extended SeiSmic Array (NECESSArray) provides large quantities of high quality seismic data in northeast China that allow us to resolve lateral variations of Lg Q or crustal attenuation at ...
    • Upper mantle tomography in the northwestern Pacific region using triplicated P waves 

      Takeuchi, Nozomu; Kawakatsu, Hitoshi; Tanaka, Satoru; Obayashi, Masayuki; Chen, Y. John; Ning, Jieyuan; Grand, Steve P.; Niu, Fenglin; Ni, James; Iritani, Rryohei; Idehara, Koki; Tonegawa, Takashi (2014)
      We conducted delay time tomography of the upper mantle beneath the northwestern Pacific using P data from NorthEast China Extended SeiSmic Array, F-net, and nearby available stations. To improve resolution and accuracy in ...