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  • Upper mantle tomography in the northwestern Pacific region using triplicated P waves 

    Takeuchi, Nozomu; Kawakatsu, Hitoshi; Tanaka, Satoru; Obayashi, Masayuki; Chen, Y. John; Ning, Jieyuan; Grand, Steve P.; Niu, Fenglin; Ni, James; Iritani, Rryohei; Idehara, Koki; Tonegawa, Takashi (2014)
    We conducted delay time tomography of the upper mantle beneath the northwestern Pacific using P data from NorthEast China Extended SeiSmic Array, F-net, and nearby available stations. To improve resolution and accuracy in ...
  • IODP Expedition 338: NanTroSEIZE Stage 3: NanTroSEIZE plate boundary deep riser 2 

    Moore, G.F.; Kanagawa, K.; Strasser, M.; Dugan, B.; Maeda, L.; Toczko, S.; IODP Expedition 338 Scientific Party (2014)
    The Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE) is designed to investigate fault mechanics and seismogenesis along a subduction megathrust, with objectives that include characterizing fault slip, strain ...
  • Constraints on the depth and thermal vigor of melting in the Martian mantle 

    Filiberto, Justin; Dasgupta, Rajdeep (2015)
    Studies of rocks in Gale Crater and clasts within the Martian meteorite breccia Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034 (and paired stones) have expanded our knowledge of the diversity of igneous rocks that make up the Martian crust ...
  • Lg attenuation in northeast China using NECESSArray data 

    Ranasinghe, Nishath R.; Gallegos, Andrea C.; Trujillo, Andrea R.; Blanchette, Alexander R.; Sandvol, Eric A.; Ni, James; Hearn, Thomas M.; Tang, Youcai; Grand, Stephen P.; Niu, Fenglin; Chen, Yongshun J.; Ning, Jieyuan; Kawakatsu, Hitoshi; Tanaka, Satoru; Obayashi, Masayuki (2015)
    The 127 station NorthEast China Extended SeiSmic Array (NECESSArray) provides large quantities of high quality seismic data in northeast China that allow us to resolve lateral variations of Lg Q or crustal attenuation at ...
  • Influence of late Pleistocene glaciations on the hydrogeology of the continental shelf offshore Massachusetts, USA 

    Siegel, Jacob; Person, Mark; Dugan, Brandon; Cohen, Denis; Lizarralde, Daniel; Gable, Carl (2014)
    Multiple late Pleistocene glaciations that extended onto the continental shelf offshore Massachusetts, USA, may have emplaced as much as 100 km3 of freshwater (salinity <5 ppt) in continental shelf sediments. To estimate ...