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  • Single-Particle Absorption Spectroscopy by Photothermal Contrast 

    Yorulmaz, Mustafa; Nizzero, Sara; Hoggard, Anneli; Wang, Lin-Yung; Cai, Yiyu; Su, Man-Nung; Chang, Wei-Shun; Link, Stephan (2015)
    Removing effects of sample heterogeneity through single-molecule and single-particle techniques has advanced many fields. While background free luminescence and scattering spectroscopy is widely used, recording the absorption ...
  • Structure-Dependent Thermal Defunctionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes 

    Ghosh, Saunab; Wei, Fang; Bachilo, Sergei M.; Hauge, Robert H.; Billups, W.E.; Weisman, R. Bruce (2015)
    Covalent sidewall functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) is an important tool for tailoring their properties for research purposes and applications. In this study, SWCNT samples were first functionalized ...
  • Potent and selective inhibition of SH3 domains with dirhodium metalloinhibitors 

    Vohidov, Farrukh; Knudsen, Sarah E.; Leonard, Paul G.; Ohata, Jun; Wheadon, Michael J.; Popp, Brian V.; Ladbury, John E.; Ball, Zachary T. (2015)
    Src-family kinases (SFKs) play important roles in human biology and are key drug targets as well. However, achieving selective inhibition of individual Src-family kinases is challenging due to the high similarity within ...
  • Aluminum Nanocrystals 

    McClain, Michael J.; Schlather, Andrea E.; Ringe, Emilie; King, Nicholas S.; Liu, Lifei; Manjavacas, Alejandro; Knight, Mark W.; Kumar, Ish; Whitmire, Kenton; Everitt, Henry O.; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Naomi J. (2015)
    We demonstrate the facile synthesis of high purity aluminum nanocrystals over a range of controlled sizes from 70 to 220 nm diameter with size control achieved through a simple modification of solvent ratios in the reaction ...
  • Structural chemistry of fluoride and oxofluoride complexes of titanium(IV) 

    Davidovich, Ruven L.; Marinin, Dmitry V.; Stavila, Vitalie; Whitmire, Kenton H. (2015)
    The crystal structures of 119 fluoride and oxofluoride complexes of titanium(IV) (88 fluoride and 31 oxofluoride compounds) published to date have been analyzed and reviewed. Depending on the degree and nature of the ...