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    • Structural Basis of Stereospecificity in the Bacterial Enzymatic Cleavage of β-Aryl Ether Bonds in Lignin 

      Helmich, Kate E.; Pereira, Jose Henrique; Gall, Daniel L.; Heins, Richard A.; McAndrew, Ryan P.; Bingman, Craig; Deng, Kai; Holland, Keefe C.; Noguera, Daniel R.; Simmons, Blake A.; Sale, Kenneth L.; Ralph, John; Donohue, Timothy J.; Adams, Paul D.; Phillips, George N. Jr. (2016)
      Lignin is a combinatorial polymer comprising monoaromatic units that are linked via covalent bonds. Although lignin is a potential source of valuable aromatic chemicals, its recalcitrance to chemical or biological digestion ...
    • Structure, Dynamics, and Specificity of Endoglucanase D from Clostridium cellulovorans 

      Bianchetti, Christopher M.; Brumm, Phillip; Smith, Robert W.; Dyer, Kevin; Hura, Greg L.; Rutkoski, Thomas J.; Phillips, George N. Jr. (2013)
      The enzymatic degradation of cellulose is a critical step in the biological conversion of plant biomass into an abundant renewable energy source. An understanding of the structural and dynamic features that cellulases ...