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    • Modeling delay in genetic networks: From delay birth-death processes to delay stochastic differential equations 

      Gupta, Chinmaya; López, José Manuel; Azencott, Robert; Bennett, Matthew R.; Josić, Krešimir; Ott, William (2014)
      Delay is an important and ubiquitous aspect of many biochemical processes. For example, delay plays a central role in the dynamics of genetic regulatory networks as it stems from the sequential assembly of first mRNA and ...
    • Transcriptional Delay Stabilizes Bistable Gene Networks 

      Gupta, Chinmaya; Lopez, Jose Manuel; Ott, William; Josic, Kresimir; Bennett, Matthew R. (2013-08)
      Transcriptional delay can significantly impact the dynamics of gene networks. Here we examine how such delay affects bistable systems. We investigate several stochastic models of bistable gene networks and find that ...