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    • Munc18b is an essential gene in mice whose expression is limiting for secretion by airway epithelial and mast cells 

      Kim, Kyubo; Petrova, Youlia M.; Scott, Brenton L.; Nigam, Rupesh; Agrawal, Anurag; Evans, Christopher M.; Azzegagh, Zoulikha; Gomez, Alejandra; Rodarte, Elsa M.; Olkkonen, Vesa M.; Bagirzadeh, Rustam; Piccotti, Lucia; Ren, Binhui; Yoon, Joo-Heon; McNew, James A.; Adachi, Roberto; Tuvim, Michael J.; Dickey, Burton F. (2012)
      Airway mucin secretion and MC (mast cell) degranulation must be tightly controlled for homoeostasis of the lungs and immune system respectively. We found the exocytic protein Munc18b to be highly expressed in mouse ...