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    • A role for the root cap in root branching revealed by the non-auxin probe naxillin 

      De Rybel, Bert; Audenaert, Dominique; Xuan, Wei; Overvoorde, Paul; Strader, Lucia C.; Kepinski, Stefan; Hoye, Rebecca; Brisbois, Ronald; Parizot, Boris; Vanneste, Steffan; Liu, Xing; Gilday, Alison; Graham, Ian A.; Nguyen, Long; Jansen, Leentje; Njo, Maria Fransiska; Inze, Dirk; Bartel, Bonnie; Beeckman, Tom (2012)
      The acquisition of water and nutrients by plant roots is a fundamental aspect of agriculture and strongly depends on root architecture. Root branching and expansion of the root system is achieved through the development ...