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Phonological planning during sentence production: beyond the verb773
Interpreting Multiple Linear Regression: A Guidebook of Variable Importance510
Trait Complex, Cognitive Ability, and Domain Knowledge Predictors of Baccalaureate Success, STEM Persistence, and Gender Differences372
Understanding the Results of Multiple Linear Regression: Beyond Standardized Regression Coefficients239
Conscientiousness in the Classroom: A Process Explanation227
Bayesian Probability and Statistics in Management Research: A New Horizon226
Phonological planning during sentence production: beyond the verb211
Getting Real: A Naturalistic Methodology for Using Smartphones to Collect Mediated Communications208
Is Cognitive Ability a Liability?: A Critique and Future Research Agenda on Skilled Performance201
Localizing Interference during Naming: Convergent Neuroimaging and Neuropsychological Evidence for the Function of Broca’s Area185

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