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    • Financial strain and cancer risk behaviors among African Americans 

      Advani, Pragati S.; Reitzel, Lorraine R.; Nguyen, Nga T.; Fisher, Felicia D.; Savoy, Elaine J.; Cuevas, Adolfo G.; Wetter, David W.; McNeill, Lorna H. (2014)
      BACKGROUND: African Americans suffer disproportionately from the adverse consequences of behavioral risk factors for cancer relative to other ethnic groups. Recent studies have assessed how financial strain might uniquely ...
    • Financial Strain and Self-rated Health among Black Adults 

      Savoy, Elaine J.; Reitzel, Lorraine R.; Nguyen, Nga; Advani, Pragati S.; Fisher, Felicia D.; Wetter, David W.; Cuevas, Adolfo G.; McNeill, Lorna H. (2014)
      Objectives: To explore associations between financial strain and self-rated health among 1341 black adults. Methods: Associations were investigated using a covariate-adjusted linear regression model. Mediation (via stress ...