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    • Verb Production and the Semantic Interference Effect 

      Schnur, Tatiana T.; Costa, Albert; Caramazza, Alfonso (2002)
      In three experiments, we explored the semantic interference effect in verb production with the picture-word interference paradigm. Experiments 1 and 3 addressed whether there is an effect of semantically related distracters ...
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      Rice Linguistics Society (2009-02-11)
    • Vote-by-Phone: An Investigation of a Usable and Accessible IVR Voting System 

      Holmes, Danae; Kortum, Philip (2016)
      One of the main goals of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) was to ensure that voters with disabilities could vote privately and independently. However, the current state of most voting methods does not allow for private and ...
    • War President : The Approval Ratings of George W. Bush 

      Eichenberg, Richard C.; Stoll, Richard J.; Lebo, Matthew (2006-12)
      The authors estimate a model of the job approval ratings of President George W. Bush that includes five sets of variables: a “honeymoon” effect, an autoregressive function that tracks a decline in approval, measures of ...
    • What is in a Percentage?: Calculation as the Poetic Translation of Human Rights 

      Ballestero, Andrea (2014)
      Increasingly, the efficacy of human rights, international norms, and commercial standards is deposited in numbers as measures of social and financial value. Taking the form of indicators, goals, and targets, these numbers ...
    • When Did the Swahili Become Maritime? 

      Fleisher, Jeffrey; Lane, Paul; LaViolette, Adria; Horton, Mark; Pollard, Edward; Morales, Eréndira Quintana; Vernet, Thomas; Christie, Annalisa; Wynne-Jones, Stephanie (2015)
      In this article, we examine an assumption about the historic Swahili of the eastern African coast: that they were a maritime society from their beginnings in the first millennium C.E. Based on historical and archaeological ...
    • You say potato, I say tatws: The terrain of linguistic coexistence in Wales 

      Griffin, Jeffrey L. (2013-11)
      This study examines the linguistic coexistence in Wales of Welsh and English in public signage and other public spheres and the ongoing normalization of Welsh through a reorientation of the linguistic landscape. Concerted ...