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  • Verb Production and the Semantic Interference Effect 

    Schnur, Tatiana T.; Costa, Albert; Caramazza, Alfonso (2002)
    In three experiments, we explored the semantic interference effect in verb production with the picture-word interference paradigm. Experiments 1 and 3 addressed whether there is an effect of semantically related distracters ...
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    Rice Linguistics Society (2009-02-11)
  • War President : The Approval Ratings of George W. Bush 

    Eichenberg, Richard C.; Stoll, Richard J.; Lebo, Matthew (2006-12)
    The authors estimate a model of the job approval ratings of President George W. Bush that includes five sets of variables: a “honeymoon” effect, an autoregressive function that tracks a decline in approval, measures of ...
  • When Did the Swahili Become Maritime? 

    Fleisher, Jeffrey; Lane, Paul; LaViolette, Adria; Horton, Mark; Pollard, Edward; Morales, Eréndira Quintana; Vernet, Thomas; Christie, Annalisa; Wynne-Jones, Stephanie (2015)
    In this article, we examine an assumption about the historic Swahili of the eastern African coast: that they were a maritime society from their beginnings in the first millennium C.E. Based on historical and archaeological ...
  • You say potato, I say tatws: The terrain of linguistic coexistence in Wales 

    Griffin, Jeffrey L. (2013-11)
    This study examines the linguistic coexistence in Wales of Welsh and English in public signage and other public spheres and the ongoing normalization of Welsh through a reorientation of the linguistic landscape. Concerted ...