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  • Annual Report July 2021-June 2022 

    Religion and Public Life Program; Religion and Public Life Program (2022)
  • Opportunity Seeking Across Segregated Schools: Unintended Effects of Automatic Admission Policies on High School Segregation 

    Fiel, Jeremy E. (2022)
    Automatic admissions policies (AAPs, “percent plans”) redistribute college-going opportunities across segregated high schools to diversify college enrollments, increasing opportunities at predominantly minority high schools. If students “game” AAPs by attending schools with increased opportunities, AAPs could alter racial sorting across high schools. ...
  • Phonological Working Memory Representations in the Left Inferior Parietal Lobe in the Face of Distraction and Neural Stimulation 

    Yue, Qiuhai; Martin, Randi C. (2022)
    The neural basis of phonological working memory (WM) was investigated through an examination of the effects of irrelevant speech distractors and disruptive neural stimulation from transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Embedded processes models argue that the same regions involved in speech perception are used to support phonological WM whereas ...
  • Future flooding increases unequal exposure risks to relic industrial pollution 

    Marlow, Thomas; Elliott, James R.; Frickel, Scott (2022)
    Climate change is increasing the probability that urban communities with lengthy histories of land-based industrial pollution and ongoing residential segregation will experience more frequent and destructive flooding in the years ahead. This paper investigates where these past, present, and future forces will converge to potentially produce a new ...
  • Community social environments and cigarette smoking 

    Denney, Justin T.; Sharp, Gregory; Kimbro, Rachel Tolbert (2022)
    Cigarette smoking remains a primary contributor to health disparities in the United States, and significant evidence suggests that smoking behavior is socially influenced. Though residential neighborhoods are important for health disparities, recent evidence suggests that people spend the majority of their waking time away from the residential ...
  • Effects of semantic diversity and word frequency on single word processing 

    Chapman, Curtiss A.; Martin, Randi C. (2022)
    Some research suggests that semantic diversity (SemD), a measure of the variability of contexts in which a word appears, plays an important role in language processing, determining the availability of word representations (e.g., Adelman et al., 2006) and causing task-specific benefits or detriments to performance (e.g., Hoffman & Woollams, 2015). ...
  • Information acquisition and provision in school choice: a theoretical investigation 

    Chen, Yan; He, YingHua (2022)
    When participating in school choice, students may incur information acquisition costs to learn about school quality. This paper investigates how two popular school choice mechanisms, the (Boston) Immediate Acceptance and the Deferred Acceptance, incentivize students’ information acquisition. Specifically, we show that only the Immediate Acceptance ...
  • Preference Discovery in University Admissions: The Case for Dynamic Multioffer Mechanisms 

    Grenet, Julien; He, YingHua; Kübler, Dorothea (2022)
    We document quasi-experimental evidence against the common assumption in the matching literature that agents have full information on their own preferences. In Germany’s university admissions, the first stages of the Gale-Shapley algorithm are implemented in real time, allowing for multiple offers per student. We demonstrate that nonexploding early ...
  • Sociosexual domains as mediators of the relationship between trait depression and sexual risk: A serial mediation analysis in a sample of Iranian American adults 

    Torbati, Autena; Ullrich, Helen S.; Cano, Miguel À.; Essa, Saman; Harvey, Laura; (2022)
    Background The current study examined sociosexual attitudes and desires as mediators of the relationship between trait depression and sexual risk behaviors (SRB). Method Iranian Americans (n = 152) were recruited and path analyses tested a serial mediation model including the direct and indirect effects of trait depression levels on SRB. Results Trait ...
  • (Bad) reputation in relational contracting 

    Deb, Rahul; Mitchell, Matthew; Pai, Mallesh M. (2022)
    Motivated by markets for “expertise,” we study a bandit model where a principal chooses between a safe and risky arm. A strategic agent controls the risky arm and privately knows whether its type is high or low. Irrespective of type, the agent wants to maximize duration of experimentation with the risky arm. However, only the high type arm can generate ...
  • Network resources and educational outcomes among Mexican-origin youth 

    Flores Morales, Josefina; Diaz, Christina J.; Nobles, Jenna; Fletcher, Jason M. (2022)
    Despite schooling gains over the last two decades, Mexican-origin adults complete fewer years of schooling than adults from other ethnic backgrounds. Explanations emphasizing network resources suggest Mexican-origin adolescents have social ties that are more likely to be “closed” from adults with experience in higher education—and this, in turn, ...
  • Does cronyism pay? Costly ingroup favoritism in the lab 

    Banuri,Sheheryar; Eckel, Catherine; Wilson, Rick K. (2022)
    Cronyism in firms arises when favoritism toward an ingroup affects personnel decisions. Two main motives underlie cronyism: profit, if an ingroup employee works harder; or altruism, if used to transfer resources. In a lab-experiment trust game with naturally-occurring groups, an employer (proposer) faces an employee (responder) who is or is not an ...
  • Sabertooth carcass consumption behavior and the dynamics of Pleistocene large carnivoran guilds 

    Domínguez-Rodrigo, Manuel; Egeland, Charles P.; Cobo-Sánchez, Lucía; Baquedano, Enrique; Hulbert, Richard C. (2022)
    Apex predators play an important role in the top-down regulation of ecological communities. Their hunting and feeding behaviors influence, respectively, prey demography and the availability of resources to other consumers. Among the most iconic—and enigmatic—terrestrial predators of the late Cenozoic are the Machairodontinae, a diverse group of big ...
  • Palaeogenomic analysis of black rat (Rattus rattus) reveals multiple European introductions associated with human economic history 

    Yu, He; Jamieson, Alexandra; Hulme-Beaman, Ardern; Conroy, Chris J.; Knight, Becky; (2022)
    The distribution of the black rat (Rattus rattus) has been heavily influenced by its association with humans. The dispersal history of this non-native commensal rodent across Europe, however, remains poorly understood, and different introductions may have occurred during the Roman and medieval periods. Here, in order to reconstruct the population ...
  • The team cohesion-performance relationship: A meta-analysis exploring measurement approaches and the changing team landscape 

    Grossman, Rebecca; Nolan, Kevin; Rosch, Zachary; Mazer, David; Salas, Eduardo (2022)
    Team cohesion is an important antecedent of team performance, but our understanding of this relationship is mired by inconsistencies in how cohesion has been conceptualized and measured. The nature of teams is also changing, and the effect of this change is unclear. By meta-analyzing the cohesion-performance relationship (k = 195, n = 12,023), examining ...
  • Continuous implementation with direct revelation mechanisms 

    Chen, Yi-Chun; Mueller-Frank, Manuel; Pai, Mallesh M. (2022)
    We investigate how a principal's knowledge of agents' higher-order beliefs impacts their ability to robustly implement a given social choice function. We adapt a formulation of Oury and Tercieux (2012): a social choice function is continuously implementable if it is partially implementable for types in an initial model and “nearby” types. We characterize ...
  • Collusive Outcomes via Pricing Algorithms 

    Hansen, Karsten T.; Misra, Kanishka; Pai, Mallesh M. (2021)
  • The Safer Culture Framework: An Application to Healthcare Based on a Multi-Industry Review of Safety Culture Literature 

    Kilcullen, Molly P.; Bisbey, Tiffany M.; Ottosen, Madelene J.; Tsao, Kuojen; Salas, Eduardo; (2022)
    Background: Errors and preventable harm to patients remain regrettably common and expensive in healthcare. Improvement requires transforming the culture of the healthcare industry to put a greater emphasis on safety. Safety culture involves holding collective attitudes, values, and behaviors that prioritize safety. The Safer Culture framework, ...
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare: Industry Demands and a Path Forward 

    Joseph R. Keebler; Rosen, Michael A.; Sittig, Dean F.; Thomas, Eric; Salas, Eduardo (2022)
    This article reviews three industry demands that will impact the future of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare settings. These demands include the growing population of older adults, the increasing use of telemedicine, and a focus on patient-centered care. Following, we discuss a path forward through improved medical teams, error management, ...

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