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  • Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics, and Policy 

    Stein, Robert M. (2015)
    What steps can and do local election officials take to prepare for and respond to natural disasters and emergencies that impede and disrupt the operation of scheduled elections? How efficacious are these actions and ...
  • When Did the Swahili Become Maritime? 

    Fleisher, Jeffrey; Lane, Paul; LaViolette, Adria; Horton, Mark; Pollard, Edward; Morales, Eréndira Quintana; Vernet, Thomas; Christie, Annalisa; Wynne-Jones, Stephanie (2015)
    In this article, we examine an assumption about the historic Swahili of the eastern African coast: that they were a maritime society from their beginnings in the first millennium C.E. Based on historical and archaeological ...
  • Semi-nonparametric spline modifications to the Cornwell–Schmidt–Sickles estimator: an analysis of US banking productivity 

    Almanidis, Pavlos; Karagiannis, Giannis; Sickles, Robin C. (2015)
    This paper modifies the Cornwell, Schmidt and Sickles [CSS (J Econom 46:185–200, 1990)] time-varying specification of technical efficiency to allow for switching patterns in temporal changes, which may occur more than once ...
  • The effects of efficiency and TFP growth on pollution in Europe: a multistage spatial analysis 

    Adetutu, Morakinyo; Glass, Anthony J.; Kenjegalieva, Karligash; Sickles, Robin C. (2014)
    It is common in efficiency studies which analyse the environment for pollution to form part of the production technology. Pollution therefore affects efficiency and the TFP growth decomposition. As an alternative approach ...
  • Statistically Adrift: Why A Central Conclusion in Academically Adrift is Faulty 

    Lane, David; Oswald, Fred (2012-09-24)
    One of the most cited findings reported in the book Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses by Arum and Roska is that 45 percent of the students did not show a statistically significant gain in critical ...