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  • Social Capital and Student Achievement: An Intervention-Based Test of Theory 

    Gamoran, Adam; Miller, Hannah K.; Fiel, Jeremy E.; Valentine, Jessa Lewis (2021)
    Social capital is widely cited as benefiting children’s school performance, but close inspection of existing research yields inconsistent findings. Focusing on intergenerational closure among parents of children in the same school, this article draws from a field experiment to test the effects of social capital on children’s achievement in reading ...
  • Information acquisition and provision in school choice: An experimental study 

    Chen, Yan; He, YingHua (2021)
    When participating in school choice, students often spend substantial effort acquiring information about schools. We investigate how two popular mechanisms incentivize students' information acquisition in the laboratory. While students' willingness to pay for information is significantly greater under the Immediate than the Deferred Acceptance ...
  • Semi-Annual Impact Report: January-June 2021 

    Religion and Public Life Program; Religion and Public Life Program (2021)
  • News from the RPLP 

    Religion and Public Life Program; Religion and Public Life Program (2021-08-30)
  • Collagen fingerprinting traces the introduction of caprines to island Eastern Africa 

    Culley, Courtney; Janzen, Anneke; Brown, Samantha; Prendergast, Mary E.; Wolfhagen, Jesse; (2021)
    The human colonization of eastern Africa's near- and offshore islands was accompanied by the translocation of several domestic, wild and commensal fauna, many of which had long-term impacts on local environments. To better understand the timing and nature of the introduction of domesticated caprines (sheep and goat) to these islands, this study applied ...
  • Distinct Neural Substrates Support Phonological and Orthographic Working Memory: Implications for Theories of Working Memory 

    Purcell, Jeremy; Rapp, Brenda; Martin, Randi C. (2021)
    Prior behavioral and neuroimaging evidence supports a separation between working memory capacities in the phonological and orthographic domains. Although these data indicate distinct buffers for orthographic and phonological information, prior neural evidence does indicate that nearby left inferior parietal regions support both of these working memory ...
  • Conservation, risk aversion, and livestock insurance: The case of the snow leopard 

    Loch-Temzelides, Ted; James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy (2021)
    Livestock insurance consists of livestock owners pooling resources together in order to hedge against the risk of attacks by predators on their individual herds. We use an economic model to study optimal livestock insurance and to discuss its viability in improving outcomes for livestock owners. The benefit from insurance depends on the livestock ...
  • Relational Segregation: A Structural View of Categorical Relations 

    Fiel, Jeremy E. (2021)
    This article builds a framework for a relational approach to segregation that emphasizes structures of interactions, transactions, and ties between and within social categories. Rather than explaining segregation with dominants imposing formal rules or homophilic people sorting themselves, I highlight segregation's emergence amid dueling control ...
  • Life-Span Learning and Development and Its Implications for Workplace Training 

    Beier, Margaret E. (2021)
    Researchers often focus on age-related declines rather than the development associated with lifelong learning. Focusing on working-age people (those between the ages of 18 and 70), I describe age-related changes in abilities and motivation that affect lifelong learning and research showing that older learners can and do learn when content is aligned ...
  • Trauma, Teams, and Telemedicine: Evaluating Telemedicine and Teamwork in a Mass Casualty Simulation 

    Hughes, Ashley M.; Sonesh, Shirley C.; Mason, Rachel E.; Gregory, Megan E.; Marttos, Antonio; (2021)
    Introduction: Mass casualty events (MASCAL) are on the rise globally. Although natural disasters are often unavoidable, the preparation to respond to unique patient demands in MASCAL can be improved. Utilizing telemedicine can allow for a better response to such disasters by providing access to a virtual team member with necessary specialized expertise. ...
  • Indigenous Midwives and the Biomedical System among the Karamojong of Uganda: Introducing the Partnership Paradigm 

    Graham, Sally; Davis-Floyd, Robbie (2021)
    Certainly there can be no argument against every woman being attended at birth by a skilled birth attendant. Currently, as elsewhere, the Ugandan government favours a biomedical model of care to achieve this aim, even though the logistical realities mitigate against its realisation. This article addresses the traditional midwives of the Karamojong ...
  • ADHD severity as a predictor of cognitive task performance in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 

    Mansour, Rosleen; Ward, Anthony R.; Lane, David M.; Loveland, Katherine A.; Aman, Michael G.; (2021)
    Background: In recent years, a number of studies have begun to explore the nature of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In this study, we examined the relationship between both symptoms of ADHD and symptoms of ASD on cognitive task performance in a sample of higher-functioning children and ...
  • The Impacts of COVID-19 on US Maternity Care Practices: A Followup Study 

    Gutschow, Kim; Davis-Floyd, Robbie (2021)
    This article extends the findings of a rapid response article researched in April 2020 to illustrate how providers’ practices and attitudes towards COVID-19 had shifted in response to better evidence, increased experience, and improved guidance on how SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 impacted maternity care in the US. This article is based on a review of ...
  • Divergent Residential Pathways from Flood-Prone Areas: How Neighborhood Inequalities Are Shaping Urban Climate Adaptation 

    Elliott, James; Loughran, Kevin; Brown, Phylicia Lee; Department of Sociology (2021)
    Flood risks are rising across the United States, putting the economic and social values of growing numbers of homes at risk. In response, the federal government is funding the purchase and demolition of housing in areas of greatest jeopardy, tacitly promoting residential resettlement as a strategy of climate adaptation, especially in cities. Despite ...
  • Experimenting with Ethnography : A Companion to Analysis 

    Ballestero, Andrea; Winthereik, Brit Ross (2021)
  • Improving Teamwork Competencies in Human-Machine Teams: Perspectives From Team Science 

    Stowers, Kimberly; Brady, Lisa L.; MacLellan, Christopher; Wohleber, Ryan; Salas, Eduardo (2021)
    In response to calls for research to improve human-machine teaming, we present a “perspective” paper that explores techniques from computer science that can enhance machine agents for human-machine teams. As part of this paper, we (1) summarize the state of the science on critical team competencies identified for effective HMT, (2) discuss technological ...
  • The optimal use of management 

    Sickles, Robin C.; Sun, Kai; Triebs, Thomas P. (2021)
    We analyze the management input from the perspective of shadow cost minimization. Using Bloom and Van Reenen's management measure, we estimate management's shadow price, dual Morishima elasticities of substitution, and relative price efficiencies. We find that the shadow price of management is about 1.3 million US dollars. Management is a weak dual ...
  • News from the RPLP 

    Religion and Public Life Program; Religion and Public Life Program (2021-06-07)
  • News from the RPLP 

    Religion and Public Life Program; Religion and Public Life Program (2021-04-01)
  • Impact of air pollution on human activities: Evidence from nine million mobile phone users 

    Chen, Wei; He, YingHua; Pan, Shiyuan (2021)
    To measure the effects of air pollution on human activities, this study applies statistical/econometric modeling to hourly data of 9 million mobile phone users from six cities in China’s Zhejiang Province from December 18 to 21, 2013. Under a change in air quality from “Good” (Air Quality Index, or AQI, between 51 and 100) to “Heavily Polluted” (AQI ...

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