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  • Respecting all the evidence 

    Sliwa, Paulina; Horowitz, Sophie (2015)
    Plausibly, you should believe what your total evidence supports. But cases of misleading higher-order evidence—evidence about what your evidence supports—present a challenge to this thought. In such cases, taking both ...
  • Philosophy of stem cell biology- an introduction 

    Fagan, Melinda Bonnie (2013)
    This review surveys three central issues in philosophy of stem cell biology: the nature of stem cells, stem cell experiments, and explanations of stem cell capacities. First, I argue that the fundamental question ムwhat is ...
  • The Value of Achievements 

    Bradford, Gwen (2013)
    This article gives an account of what makes achievements valuable. Although the natural thought is that achievements are valuable because of the product, such as a cure for cancer or a work of art, I argue that the value ...
  • Beyond the Principles of Bioethics: Facing the Consequences of Fundamental Moral Disagreement 

    Engelhardt, H. Tristram (2012-06)
    Given intractable secular moral pluralism, the force and significance of the four principles (autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice) of Tom Beauchamp and James Childress must be critically re-considered. ...
  • Fair Equality of Opportunity Critically Reexamined: The Family and the Sustainability of Health Care Systems 

    Engelhardt, H. Tristram Jr (2012)
    A complex interaction of ideological, financial, social, and moral factors makes the financial sustainability of health care systems a challenge across the world. One difficulty is that some of the moral commitments of ...
  • Are Surgical Trials with Negative Results Being Interpreted Correctly? 

    Brody, Baruch A; Ashton, Carol M; Liu, Dandan; Xiong, Youxin; Yao, Xuan; Wray, Nelda P (2013)
    BACKGROUND: Many published accounts of clinical trials report no differences between the treatment arms, while being underpowered to find differences. This study determined how the authors of these reports interpreted ...