Recent Submissions

  • Commoning on the Ring Road 

    Carr, Brendan (2021-01-28)
    This thesis synthesizes two decaying typologies on the periphery of Houston, the office block and low-rise mass housing, with the ambition to distill different uses and scales of space into a multivalent collective form. The outer edges of Houston house an unexpected degree of density. Largely built during the first oil boom of the late 1960s and ...
  • Space of Appearance 

    An, Yumeng (2021-04-28)
    This thesis proposes an urban intervention to create a new type of public space in the city of Shanghai. It investigates the historical evolution of the public spaces in the city and concludes that a new type of public space without prescribed functions and boundary restrictions should be introduced. The Space of Appearance is a prototype of such ...
  • Energetic Ecologies: Industry, Adaptation, and The Thermodynamic Paradigm 

    Hernandez, Michael S. (2021-04-22)
    Addressing the widespread problem of post-industrial urban decay is imperative for helping our cities become safer, healthier, and more equitable; however, a close look at prevailing methods of intervening in these sites reveals underlying socio-economic, ecological, and long-term energy concerns. Starting with an abandoned industrial site in Houston ...
  • posed 

    Hewett, Matthew Jameson (2021-04-28)
    Between form and space is a receptacle which receives all information. Defined as surface, this vessel may be articulated as a collection of the instantaneous moments which produce movement. This receptacle is Chora, or “space” in Greek. Through the concept of Chora, the implications of a body in space may be explored as they relate to image and ...
  • USPS+ 

    Hudson, Kohen Ray (2021-04-27)
    USPS+ imagines an expanded public platform for the United States Postal Service. This thesis proposes to broaden its functions and define a system for the construction of a new type of post office. The project leverages the modular logic of mass timber technologies so as to offer an adaptable structural framework. The system can accommodate multiple ...
  • Reclaiming the School Type: Infrastructures of Maintenance and Care 

    Wagner, Claire (2021-04-29)
    In 2013, Chicago Public Schools closed 50 schools, the largest school closure in U.S. history. This left 44 empty school buildings, almost all of which are in majority Black neighborhoods on the city’s South and West sides—with 28 schools remaining vacant today. This thesis seeks to reclaim the school building type and reinstate closed schools as ...
  • HOME WORK: Perspectives on Care 

    Bien, Kayla (2021-04-30)
    Reproductive labor, which encompasses all the work within the raising of a child, is endemic to the human condition - we do not exist without it. The production of the capitalist state depends on the reproduction of the human body. And yet, while the labor of industry is legitimized through remuneration, the labor of reproduction often remains ...
  • Fuzzy Collectives 

    Sun, Xiefangzheng (2021-04-30)
    Fuzzy Collectives is a strategically heavy-handed renovation project and a critique of contemporary Chinese cities - cities that are often too large in scale and too singular in program, with few true collective spaces. Fuzzy Collectives reacts to the modernist condition of bigness in contemporary China by proposing a series of demolitions, additions ...
  • An Infrastructure for Aging: Multigenerational Housing at Houston's Park & Rides 

    Gullick, Kati ann (2021-04-30)
    Aging is inevitable; it comes with changes not just physical, but also social. Networks of informal care become critical for the wellbeing of the elderly and increasingly challenging for the young. Risk of isolation and loneliness are exacerbated by ageism, segregated housing typologies, and limited mobility. This thesis seeks to address these ...
  • Co-op Interieur 

    Liu, Tian (2021-04-30)
    Today, our city is developed based on a clear distinction between workplace and housing. This dichotomy reinforces the framework of the 9-5 schedule, narrowing down the possibilities of how people live and work. The thesis proposes a prototype for collaborative living, within which work, live and leisure overlapped within the same space. Situated ...
  • Place for Entourage 

    Wei, Alfred (2021-04-30)
    People are often read as entourage in architectural representations, while in real cases, as Mies van der Rohe once claims, architecture is the infrastructure where life may take place. This thesis investigates the relationship between what is considered as “entourage” and architectural elements in drawings, representations, and their manifestations ...
  • Making the Invisible Visible: An Ecological Thought 

    Latif, Daniyal (2021-04-30)
    In order to address the ecological crisis we face a paradigm shift in ecological thinking is needed. This project investigates the aesthetic philosophic, and political implications of waste by proposing a built above ground storage framework for nuclear waste turned into spectacle.
  • Notes on: Materiality, Temporality, and the Interior 

    Ragazzo, Matthew (2021-04-29)
    American building culture is readily available, easy to consume and digest. Typical construction methods uphold a ubiquitously and unequivocally standard image of American building culture today—predicated on fastness and cheapness, but with little regard to buildings’ lifespans. Many single family homes today, for instance, are not made to last ...
  • Sugar, Lumber, Labor: Material Histories 

    Scott, Emma (2021-04-28)
    At stake in this thesis is how architects engage with multiple histories, and the material expression of this entanglement. This thesis makes its design project out of an existing sugar union in Crockett, California. It draws upon the material histories of sugar, lumber, and labor embedded in this building to produce a generative relationship with ...
  • Urban Rhythm 

    Li, Yulong (2020-06-17)
    Urban Rhythm is a project about re-envisioning museum as a cultural infrastructure to foster an active public realm for exhibiting, encountering and happenings.
  • The Urban Common Ground in Tokyo 

    Jiang, Shuo (2020-04-24)
    For contemporary architecture, the situation is not the same anymore. Due to the globalization of the world, the backgrounds and contexts of the architects are becoming more and more complex. The contemporary practices are dealing with a multiple-layered situation which makes it impossible to solve problems through one single system or entirely by ...
  • The Church Of The Otaku 

    Chen, Zhiyi (2019-04-12)
    The thesis imagines a new church type under the post-secular condition, in which religion and secular seek to coexist and share equal importance. Through the establishment of a secularized church, the thesis intends to raised the awareness of the ongoing social phenomenon of secularized religion and its reflection upon architectural discipline. The ...
  • A Framed Construct 

    Miyajima, Shinji (2020-04-21)
    This thesis explores a new technique for design through perspective which produces a phenomenon that reorders our perception of the familiar effects of lightness, heaviness, flatness, and depth within the same framework. The methodology allows representation to become a design tool through which one’s understanding gets incessantly updated, escaping ...
  • Risk Urbanism 

    Schwab, Vivian (2020-04-24)
    California is built on land that readily burns, shakes and slides, and in the era of climate disruption, these ‘natural’ hazards are accelerating. Some say California never should have existed, but it does, and it will continue to, so the narrative necessarily pivots from ‘whether to exist’ to ‘how to exist’. The shared experience of disaster creates ...

    Xie, Jiaheng (2020-04-24)
    My thesis study tackles with the problem of “Growing the City, Shrinking the Footprint”. In cities that are growing even taller and condensing even smaller, I wanted to create a system utilizing an AERIAL PEDESTRIAN NETWORK system, namely WALKWAYS IN THE AIR to lift the DOMESTIC HORIZON; to create a CITY ABOVE GROUND, and to expand street life on ...

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