The Friends of Fondren Library, founded in 1950, is dedicated to stimulating growth in library resources and facilities for the 21st century. The Friends seek to heighten community and alumni interest in Fondren Library and to support academic programs at Rice University by funding library collections and facilities. The Flyleaf is a record of the activities of the Friends of the Fondren Library, and the generosity of the library’s supporters. The Flyleaf was published one to three times in each academic calendar year through 2011.

Please see Friends of Fondren website for more information or email

Recent Submissions

  • The flyleaf, Winter 2011 (Volume 55:1) 

    Fondren Library. Friends (2011)
    In this issue: Military Intelligence and Espionage: The Book Collection of Alan Bath -- The Portrait Collection of Vera Prasilova Scott -- The Thirtieth Annual Friends of Fondren Gala -- The Friends of Fondren honor Rice ...
  • The flyleaf, Fall 2008 (Volume 55:1) 

    Fondren Library. Friends (2008)
    In this issue: Brochstein Pavillion -- Bookmark -- Friends of Fondren -- Web -- Gifts -- Membership -- Looking Ahead
  • The flyleaf, 2006 (Volume 55:1) 

    Fondren Library. Friends (2006)
    In this issue: A Library Detective Story -- Friends of Fondren Gala -- 2005 Events -- Membership -- Gifts -- Looking Ahead

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