Young M. Moody (1822-1866) was an active Alabama businessman before the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War. He joined the army and eventually went with the Alabama 43rd Regiment, which came under the command of Brigadier General Archibald Gracie (1832-1864). The Alabama 43rd was in some of the worst fighting of the war. Colonel Moody was wounded sometime in 1863. When General Gracie was killed on December 3, 1864, Colonel Moody took over command of the Brigade and was promoted to Brigadier General in March 1865. At the war’s end General Moody and his family moved to New Orleans where he died of a fever in the fall of 1866.

The materials featured here online represent a small part of the larger original collection, which features correspondence is from Young M. Moody to his “Dear and Confiding Wife.”, written during the U.S. Civil War. In addition there are other family letters, military correspondence, land and business records, slave bills of sale, photographs, daguerreotypes and badges of rank and an epaulet from General Moody’s uniform. See a guide online to entire collection.

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