Hyper-Geographic Office: How the clouds activate public space

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Title: Hyper-Geographic Office: How the clouds activate public space
Author: Shepherdson, Brian Daniel
Advisor: Lally, Sean
Degree: Master of Architecture thesis
Abstract: The new workplace is not bound by geography, it is geography. In any place, there are overlapping geographic fields of varying intensity---design for the new office should consist of the agitation and deformation of these fields. This thesis investigates the architectural implications of patterns of working that are emerging due to the dematerialized but expanding presence of computing technology, or "The Techno-Cloud"---which has rendered the traditional architectural, urban, and social boundaries of the office obsolete. This thesis proposes a methodology for the re-design of the office tower---a strategy for upsetting its enclosed, controlled geography to create a HyperGeography of active, overlapping fields of climate and use. In the HyperGeographic Office, nomadic workers are part of this ecology, tuning their environment through movement. If the office is geography, then its Architecture is the control and augmentation of climatic performance.
Citation: Shepherdson, Brian Daniel. (2009) "Hyper-Geographic Office: How the clouds activate public space." Masters Thesis, Rice University.
Date: 2009

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