I & Onlly Capsule,

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dc.coverage.spatial Beijing 2011-03-25T16:08:01Z 2011-03-25T16:08:01Z 4-9-99 17:19 2000
dc.description The origin of the image is Domestic. Watermark Unknown.
dc.format.medium Drawing
dc.publisher Asian Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University
dc.subject Domestic
dc.title I & Onlly Capsule,
dc.digitization.specifications Color Mode: 5; Horizontal Resolution: ; Vertical Resolution: ; Creator Mac: ogle;
dc.source.collection Transnational China Project anglimedicinea00b anglimedicinea00b
dc.title.subtitle 昂立多邦复方胶囊;三合一活性物质,维生素,微量元素;解决三大问题抗疲劳,保肝脏,降血脂;昂立多邦;生活打满分;上海交大昂立荣誉出品; [Shanghai Jiao Da Onlly Production. Give the full score to the life! Onlly capsule: three-in-one solves three major problems]
dc.subject.prodtype Medicine
dc.subject.prodcat Health and Medical
dc.subject.brand I & Onlly Capsule
dc.type.genre newspapers [报纸]
dc.type.genre advertisements [广告]
dc.type.dcmi StillImage [静态图片]
dc.identifier.citation (2000). "I & Onlly Capsule,."

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