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dc.contributor.authorDing, Hao 2005-08-08T21:50:18Z 2005-08-08T21:50:18Z 2005-08-08T21:50:18Z
dc.description Final doctoral research paper presented at JCDL 2005 Inaugural Doctoral Consortium, 7 June 2005, Denver, Colorado, USA.
dc.description.abstract This paper gives an outline of a PhD thesis inspired by the information searching over heterogeneous metadata records within the scenario of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) based digital libraries. We survey a representative set of P2P systems in order to build prospective platform and discuss why a super-peer (peer community) based topology is suitable for schema-based P2P applications. Furthermore, we exploit ontologies for storing metadata records in a structured and formal way, and for broadening queries with closely related terms, thus yielding more relevant results. All metadata records into RDF format and a RDF database, such as Sesame, is adopted to store and query these records and schema information. Additionally, since words generally have more than one sense, we have to choose the right sense and highly related terms for extending the query. Such information can be delivered by applying a lexical database, like WordNet, which models terms with their meanings and relationships in between. The resulting prototype system is expected to serve as a framework for re-processing metadata records into structured and semantic-enriched collection in specific domains, as a platform for the searching over heterogeneous collections, and as a source of inspiration for exploiting ontologies in information searching.
dc.description.sponsorship Dept. of Computer and Information System, Norwegian University of Science & Technology Sem Sælands vei 79, NO7491, Trondheim, Norway
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dc.rights This item is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.
digital libraries
semantic search
heterogeneous metadata
heterogeneous search
information search
dc.title Semantic Search in Peer-to-Peer based Digital Libraries
dc.type Presentation
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dc.identifier.citation Ding, Hao. "Semantic Search in Peer-to-Peer based Digital Libraries." (2005)

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