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    • Andante and Rondo Hungarese 

      Gayle Garcia, viola; Dale Baker, piano; Weber, Carl Maria von (1786-1826) (1976-11-23)
    • Concertino for flute, viola, and double bass (1925) 

      Gayle Garcia, viola; David Malone, double bass; Lisa Hardaway, flute and piccolo; Schulhoff, Erwin (1894-1942) (1981-01-18)
    • Concertino for Viola and Five Instruments (1977) 

      Randall Clack, clarinet; Kenneth Long, conductor; Phillip Lindsey, piano; Randall Turgeon, horn; Richard Hobson, alto flute; Gayle Garcia, viola; Greg Garcia, double bass; Hobson, Richard (1978-03-31)
    • Laudate Dominum (1976) 

      Gayle Garcia, viola; Edward Doughtie, viola; John Burton, violoncello; David Malone, double bass; Laura Ruede, violin; David Boyd, violin; Mark Hayward, violoncello; Louis Roberts, violoncello; Steve McMillan, violin; Martha Marks, violin; Mary Lindblom, violin; Gayle Greer, viola; Roxanna Johnson, violin; Dennis Hankins, conductor; Marby, Drake (1977-04-19)
    • Quartet in F Major for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello, KV 370 

      Leslie Svilokos-Nagin, violoncello; Gayle Garcia, viola; Joan Wright Reid, oboe; Roxanna Johnson, violin; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) (1978-04-27)
    • Sonate in E minor 

      Gayle Garcia, viola; Randall Jones, piano; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) (1978-04-26)
    • String Quintet (1977) 

      David Malone, double bass; John Burton, violoncello; Gayle Garcia, viola; Steve McMillan, violin; Drake Mabry, conductor; Roxanna Johnson, violin; Marby, Drake (1977-04-19)
    • Suite 

      Gayle Garcia, viola; Jeffrey Kurtzman, piano; Bloch, Ernest (1880-1959) (1978-04-26)
    • Variations for Four Drums and Viola (1959) 

      Gayle Garcia, viola; Donald Spinelli, percussion; Colgrass, Michael (1979-12-04)