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    • Pentaphon 

      Melissa Suhr-Flegle, flute; Kerry Jones, conductor; Chrissy Carroll, percussion; Mara Linden, piano; Suzanna Schulze, violoncello; Evanne Browne, soprano; Jones, Kerry (1959-) (1981-02-17)
    • Point-of-Departure 

      Rush Selden, trumpet; Pamela Glasser, horn; Mara Linden, piano; Chrissy Carroll, percussion; Warren Friesen, conductor; Cheryl Miltenberger, clarinet; Martha Marks, violin; Melissa Suhr-Flegle, flute; Suzanna Schulze, violoncello; Greg Garcia, double bass; Marcia Ryan, viola; Cristle Collins, oboe and English horn; Epple, Sara F. (1955-) (1981-02-17)
    • Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano (1973) 

      Marty Merritt, bass; Chrissy Carroll, percussion; Dr. Norma Auchter, piano; Beverly Allison, flute; Bolling, Claude (1982-02-07)