Now showing items 1737-1756 of 1968

  • Tabibito no Uta (Song of traveler) 

    Betty Ruth Tomfohrde, piano; Sumiyo Ender, soprano; Hashimoto, Kunihiko (1980-02-02)
  • Take That 

    Shepherd Percussion Ensemble; Albright, William (1944-1998) (1979-03-14)
  • Tale of the Oyster 

    Elizabeth Holmes Smith, mezzo-soprano; Brenda Landrum, piano; Porter, Cole (1891-1964) (1979-12-01)
  • Tambourin 

    Dr. Norma Auchter, piano; Beverly Allison, flute; Gossec, Joseph (1734-1829) (1982-02-07)
  • "Tanto amore segreto" from Turandot 

    Marilyn Roark, soprano; Barbara Scheidker, piano; Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) (1979-12-02)
  • Taue Uta (Rice planting Song) 

    Betty Ruth Tomfohrde, piano; Sumiyo Ender, soprano; Hashimoto, Kunihiko (1980-02-02)
  • Tell mee Daphne 

    The Shepherd Brass Quintet; Farnaby, Giles (ca. 1565-1640) (1978-10-25)
  • Thanatos 

    Greg Garcia, double bass; Rabbath, François (1931-) (1979-04-26)
  • Thema und Variationen, Op. 13 

    Thomas Bacon, horn; Meryl Ettelson, piano; Strauss, Franz (1822-1905) (1979-04-29)
  • Theme and Variations 

    Melissa Pollock, viola; Kristin Malloy, piano; Kathi Kurtzman, piano; Shulman, Alan (1915-2002) (1978-04-21)
  • Theme from "The Flintstones" 

    Ken Dye, conductor; The Rice Jazz Ensemble; Curtin, Hoyt S. (1981-11-24)
  • There is an Empty House 

    Leslie Svilokos, violoncello; Suzanne Schulze, violoncello; John Burton, violoncello; John Smith, violoncello; Mark Hayward, violoncello; James Denton, violoncello; Samuel Magill, violoncello; Steven Estes, violoncello; Evanne Browne, soprano; Long, Kenneth (1978-04-16)
  • There is no rose 

    The Folger Consort; Anon. carol 15th cent. (1981-11-30)
  • There's None To Soothe 

    Annetta Vaughn, contralto; Byron Franklin, piano; Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976) (1979-04-07)
  • Third Mass 

    Laura Gordy, piano; Dale Baker, tenor; Cissy Smith, alto; Haller, Michael (1840-1915) (1977-01-30)
  • The Thought : from Twelve Songs on Poetry by Humbert Wolfe 

    Marilyn Elizabeth Roark, soprano; Greg Shiner, piano; Holst, Gustav (1874-1934) (1982-02-20)
  • Thoughts of Love 

    Frances Wilcox, trombone; Barbara Scheidker, piano; Pryor, Arthur (1870-1942) (1981-01-22)
  • Three Character Sketches, Poems by e. e. cummings 

    The Shepherd Singers; Gwyn Richards, conductor; Hwang, Charlotte (1959-) (1981-03-16)
  • Three Dances for Solo Snare Drum 

    Lovie Smith, percussion; Benson, Warren (1924-2005) (1977-02-03)
  • Three Episodes for Percussion 

    The Percussion Ensemble; Richard Brown, conductor; O'Reilly, John (1940-) (1978-03-13)