Now showing items 374-393 of 1968

    • Dispute Among Divines 

      Jack Sanchez, tenor; Robert Moon, baritone; Patti Spain, alto; Evanne Browne, soprano; Haufrecht, Herbert (1909-1998) (1981-04-15)
    • Disturbances (1972), for brass sextet 

      Toshiyuki Shimada, conductor; The Brass Menagerie; David Kirk, tuba; Sandström, Sven-David (1942-) (1982-11-23)
    • Divertimento (Hob. II 46) 

      Michael Rosenberg, oboe; Richard Pickar, clarinet; Albert Tipton, flute; Eric Arbiter, bassoon; Thomas Bacon, horn; Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809) (1977-12-01)
    • Divertimento Concertante 

      David Malone, double bass; Meryl Ettelson, piano; Ramsier, Paul (1978-03-14)
    • Divertimento for Number Three, in three movements for organ, percussion and assistant (1977) 

      Leonard Raver, organ; Richard Brown, percussion; Schwartz, Elliott (1936-) (1978-03-08)
    • Divertimento in D 

      Louis Roberts, violoncello; Brenda Landrum, piano; Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809) (1979-03-19)
    • Divertiss[e]ment for strings and bassoon 

      Debbie Norton, violin; Martha Marks, violin; Suzanna Schulze, violoncello; Greg Garcia, double bass; Marcia Ryan, viola; Peter Manning Hershey, bassoon; Françaix, Jean (1912-1997) (1980-12-02)
    • Divertissement 

      The Shepherd Sinfonia; Mark Janas, conductor; Ibert, Jacques (1890-1962) (1980-01-29)
    • Dixit 

      Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Lutheran University; Maurice H. Skones, conductor; Choir of the West, Pacific Lutheran University; Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741) (1981-01-14)
    • Do Not Go Gentle (For pedals alone) 

      Susan Soderstrom, organ; Persichetti, Vincent (1915-1987) (1979-04-16)
    • Do not go, my Love 

      Meryl Ettelson, piano; Frances Bible, mezzo-soprano; Hageman, Richard (1882-1966) (1982-04-26)
    • Don Quiohotte á Dulcinée 

      Knut Skram, baritone; Meryl Ettelson, piano; Ravel, Maurice (1875-1937) (1978-02-25)
    • A douz mois de Mai joli 

      The Folger Consort; Anon. 13th century trouvere (1981-11-30)
    • Down East 

      John Hendrickson, piano; Leia Powell, mezzo-soprano; Ives, Charles (1874-1954) (1983-02-12)
    • Down in a Valley 

      The Shepherd Brass Quintet; Wilbye, John (1574-1638) (1978-10-25)
    • Dream Whimsies : suite for clarinet and piano 

      Patrick Brady, piano; Cheryl Miltenberger, clarinet; Epple, Sara F. (1955-) (1980-04-01)
    • Drei Romanzen 

      Christina Jacobs, piano; Laurie Andrews, flute; Schumann, Robert (1810-1856) (1980-03-15)
    • Drum Solo 

      Members of The Shepherd School of Music Faculty and Students; Ludwig, William F. (William Frederick) (1916-2008) (1976-10-24)
    • Drum Solo 

      Members of The Shepherd School Of Music Faculty and Students (1976-10-24)
    • Du bist die Ruh 

      Knut Skram, baritone; Meryl Ettelson, piano; Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) (1978-02-25)