Now showing items 1942-1961 of 1968

    • "Wie komm' ich denn" from Deutsche Volkslieder 

      Betty Ruth Tomfohrde, piano; Sumiyo Ender, soprano; Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) (1980-02-02)
    • Wie Melodien 

      Max Heffler, baritone; Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) (1979-04-26)
    • Willkommen, süsser Bräutigam (A Christmas Cantata) 

      Annetta Vaughn, assistant conductor; Margaret Snapp, accompanist; The Rice Chorale; Patrick Brady, bass; Leia Powell, soprano; Laurie Hungerford, soprano; Richard Koehler, conductor; Lübeck, Vincent (1978-12-07)
    • Willow Echoes (1903) 

      Meryl Ettelson, piano; Warren Deck, tuba; Simon, Frank (1889-1967) (1978-11-28)
    • "Willow Song" from The ballad of Baby Doe 

      Patrick Brady, piano; Leia Powell, soprano; Moore, Douglas (1893-1969) (1979-10-28)
    • Willow, Willow (1968) 

      Bernard Phillips, bass flute; John Bland, tuba; Chihara, Paul (1938-) (1979-10-22)
    • The Windwife: A Documentary Romance (1974) 

      Amy Winn, flute; Yvar Mikhashoff, piano; Isabelle Ganz, mezzo-soprano; Paul Schmidt, speaking; Wayne Crouse, viola; Richard Brown, percussion; Mikhashoff, Yvar (1975-10-12)
    • Wine does wonders 

      Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor; Elizabeth Lane, soprano; Robert Spencer, lute; Maurice Bevan, baritone; Mark Deller, counter-tenor; Lynne Dawson, soprano; Eccles, John (d. 1735) (1982-10-05)
    • Wings of Time 

      Ken Dye, conductor; The Rice Jazz Ensemble; Daniels, J. G. (1981-11-24)
    • Winter Music 

      Rush Selden, trumpet; William Davis, trombone; Randall Turgeon, french horn; Michael Montez, percussion; Geary Rachel, trumpet; Kerry Jones, tuba; Long, Kenneth (1978-04-16)
    • Winter Music (1977) 

      Rush Selden, trumpet; William Davis, trombone; Geary Rachel, trumpet; Randall Turgeon, horn; John Bland, tuba; Long, Kenneth (1978-12-07)
    • With A Glint 

      Kenneth Long, conductor; Randall Turgeon, horn; Randall Griffin, clarinet; Mike Montez, percussion; Lovie Smith, percussion; Samuel Magill, violoncello; John Carbon, piano; Lavenda, Richard (1978-04-24)
    • Wonderful Counselor (arr. J. Hairston) 

      Annetta Vaughn, assistant director; The Rice Chamber Singers; Margaret Snapp, accompanist; The Rice Chorale; Richard Koehler, conductor (1978-12-07)
    • Wonderful Duets 

      Kerry Jones, tuba; Stuart Erwin, narrator; John Bland, tuba; Luedeke, Raymond (1944-) (1980-02-21)
    • Wondrous Cool, Thou Woodland Quiet 

      The Rice Chamber Singers; Annetta Vaughan, conductor; Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) (1979-04-26)
    • Wurttemberg Sonata No. 1 in A Minor for Harpsichord 

      Judith Norell, harpsichord; Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714-1788) (1979-03-01)
    • Xyklus 

      Michael Montez, percussion; Stockhausen, Karlheinz (1928-) (1979-03-17)
    • Yesterday 

      Shepherd Percussion Ensemble; Lennon, John (1940-1980) (1979-03-14)
    • Yonder, yonder 

      Choir of the West, Pacific Lutheran University; Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Lutheran University; Maurice H. Skones, conductor; Russian Folk Song (1981-01-14)
    • You'll Never Get Away From Me from "Gypsy" 

      Betty Ruth Tomfohrde, piano; Frances Bible, mezzo-soprano; Styne, Jule (1905-1994) (1977-01-27)